How to fix damaged bootres.dll file in Windows 10

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When you start Windows 10, it goes into automatic repair with a SrtTrail.txt error.

When reading the content of the SrtTrail.txt log, it indicates:

\EFI\Microsoft\boot resources\custom\bootres.dll is damaged.

Error code 0x4005

How to repair damaged bootres.dll?

How to replace corrupt bootres.dll file to fix Windows 10 startup?

This article guides you to give you all the solutions for Repair damaged bootres.dll file Windows 10.

What is the bootres.dll file

When you turn on your PC, Windows 10 goes into automatic repair.

You are then told that automatic repair could not repair your PC.

The SrtTrail.txt log file then indicates:

\EFI\Microsoft\boot resources\custom\bootres.dll is damaged.

Error code 0x4005

bootres.dll is an essential system file for starting Windows 10.

When the latter is corrupted or damaged, Windows 10 cannot start completely.

The bootres.dll file cannot be overwritten/repaired directly, as it is located in the boot partition.

Therefore tutorials with SFC or DISM repairs are unnecessary.

However, there are tools to recreate Windows boot files, especially with bcdboot.

So you have to repair Windows 10 startup in order to put back a healthy bootres.dll file.

The System Restart Tool

The first thing to try is to fix Windows 10 boot with the system restart tool.

The latter analyzes the startup files and corrects and repairs them if corruption occurs.

This can, therefore, help to repair the damaged bootres.dll.

Once the recovery options are reached:

  • On the page “choose an option”: Click on Troubleshooting
  • Then click on System Restart Tools which fixes Windows loading issues.
  • Select Windows 10.

Finally, Windows Startup Repair is performed.

If all goes well, the repair then allows you to find a normal Windows load.

If Windows 10 then manages to restart, well done, the damaged bootres.dll file is then repaired.

Recreate the EFI partition

The previous solution does not work and the damaged bootres.dll file error continues.

The following video explains how to fix Windows 10 boot in EFI installation:

If necessary, the following video illustrates the previous commands to recreate the EFI partition:

You will understand, it is not necessarily simple.

If Windows 10 then manages to restart, well done, the damaged bootres.dll file is then repaired.

Reinstall Windows 10

Finally if you can’t get anything done, reinstall Windows 10.

This allows us to start a healthy and functional system.

How to reinstall Windows 10. For more details, follow the article: How to install Windows 10: the tutorial

  1. Create Windows 10 installation USB key

    First, you need to create the USB key that will install Windows 10.
    If your computer is crashed, you will need to do this from a working computer.
    Follow the article: Create Windows 10 installation media.

  2. Start the computer on the USB key

    Follow the full link and tutorial which explains how to start your computer on the USB key: Start the computer on the installation medium.

  3. Type of installation

    Start the installation and let yourself be guided.
    Accept the license agreement and then on the installation type page.
    Finally, choose Personalize: install Windows only

  4. Disk partitioning

    During the Windows 10 installation process, select primary partition to reinstall Windows on it, you can either:
    format the partition to delete all data and start from scratch
    Install a new Windows on top, your old data will be moved to the Windows.old folder and so you won’t lose any data.

  5. Copy Windows 10 installation files

    Then the Windows 10 installation files are copied.
    Let the operation take place.
    Once done, remove the Windows 10 installation USB drive and restart the PC.
    Copies and settings are made before arriving on the Windows 10 identification page.

  6. After reinstalling Windows 10

    Hopefully the Windows 10 desktop will open.
    Well done! you managed to reinstall Windows 10.

    Make sure you have your documents.
    Otherwise check the contents of the Windows.old folder, some personal data may be in the user’s folder.

    Note that after reinstalling Windows 10, you can also recover data and configure applications.

    For example the favorites or passwords of your internet browsers.

    More information, follow this article: Recover deleted apps when resetting your PC in Windows 10

    Finally follow the instructions to complete the installation of Windows 10: Tips and guide after installing Windows

After bootres.dll repair

The origins of this bug, problem, and bootres.dll corruption are many.

However, a hardware problem on the disk or the SSD is often the source.

So I advise you to check your hard drive.

If you were able to repair bootres.dll and Windows 10 starts, then follow this tutorial: check the health of the hard drive.

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