How to play Spotify offline? Windows | Android

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I recently started using Spotify as the primary music player on my phone. With a premium account, one can easily download high-quality tracks and store them as well on their respective devices. In this article, we will list down, how to play Spotify offline on Windows and Smartphone applications as well. We will be also discussing how to enable downloading over a cellular network/mobile data without a WiFi connection. These options are the ones which make the first time users a bit confusing:

Play Spotify offline on Windows PC :

Run spotify offline

It’s tricky to find that “Play Offline” option on the window’s app. I have had almost lost my temper navigating for it since the option is not available in the default’s in-App settings menu. Moreover, the reason why I thought to drop this article is to let the other users know where it resides in the first place. So:

Step 1: Launch your Spotify App on the PC
Step 2: Point the mouse cursor towards the three dots on the left corner in the App
Step 3: Go to File >> Offline Mode (Follow the above demonstration image for more.)

You can also download Spotify Premium Apk to enjoy songs offline.

Play Spotify offline on Android/IOS :

Play spotify offline on android

It’s pretty straightforward on the smartphone app to locate the offline download option.

Step 1: Launch the app and tap the Home option
Step 2: Click the settings cog-wheel on the top right corner
Step 3: You will find the option “Offline mode” under the Playback section

How to download songs without WiFi on Spotify?

To save data, downloading songs over the WiFi network is set by default in the Spotify’s settings. You have to enable the option to download using a cellular network, in order to save your favorite songs offline:

Step 1: Launch the app and tap the Home option
Step 2: Click the settings cog-wheel on the top right corner
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom to the Music Quality section and turn the option Download using cellular network on.

Now you will be able to steam the songs offline without any problems. Let us know us in the comment section below if you have to share your thoughts regarding the article. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we are planning for a Oneplus7 Pro giveaway for the handpicked recent followers on the page soon.

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