Temporarily Unavailable Google Analytics Solution

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Is a remarkable service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic. Google Analytics is a recommended tool for all the bloggers, which helps to give all the stats and information about the website in a proper manner. Includes Real time info, & lists out all the traffics from search engines, social networks, direct visits, traffic sources and referrers etc. It gives you the location of the current visitor on your website including your active posts and the top keywords. Only 25 Analytic accounts can one have under one Google account  but recently Google has increased the number of those accounts from 25 to 100.
User can access their Analytics account from both Desktop and as well as by the App available for smartphones which added up more ease.

temporarily unavailable google analytics


I found out that many of the bloggers are getting “Temporary Unavailable” error showing up in their Google Analytics account via desktop or by the Google analytic App.
There are various reasons why this error must be showing up. I’ve listed out some of the common reasons down following :-

– Successive Changes Made In The Templates

Its a common mistake what most of the starters make and are not aware of. Don’t ever change your templates one after the other.
If you want to test new templates, I recommend make the changes on your test blog (not on your main one). Consecutive changes in your blog’s design (aka templates/layouts) can even result for getting missed by the search engine and affect your page rank too. So finalize your template design first and then apply it on your main blog to avoid the error from being happening in future.

– When Shifted To A Custom Domain

Sometimes most of the people using Blogger platform after shifting from their blogspot domain ( to a custom domain (, opts for making a new property for that same blog by deleting their previous blog’s property in their Analytics account. There is no need for creating a new property within Analytics in such cases, because you just redirected your blog towards the custom domain which is the same thing. If you created it then don’t be afraid it will take time to fetch up all the details back to show your stats. It will start showing up within few weeks.

– In Absence Of Data Network

You may observe that, sometimes while viewing your stats in Google Analytics app it shows up something like “No data available” all of a sudden. It is commonly caused when you get disconnected from your data network. Analytics require a continues data connection to work properly!! so stay connected when you are examining your stats.
If you are getting the “No data available” constantly under the overview section. Then make sure that you placed your Analytics tracking codes at the right section as per directed below:
• Copy the whole tracking codes from the property you created in Analytics starting from </script> and ending with <script>
• Paste the codes just right before the </head> area in the HTML section of your site.
• Hit save and note that, your tracking codes contain a unique publisher ID so don’t place it under the other websites you have.

Everything at a glance

Google spiders crawls your site for the indexing but takes a while to come back again, to know when recently it crawled your site then type , it will show how your website appeared when it last crawled. It takes time to settle down and sync up with the site’s property under the analytics account you created so please be patient and wait for few days such that the stats will start showing up, most probably it can take up to 3 weeks.

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