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I believe that most of you guys enjoy the excellent visual experience of 4K HD video. The smart devices like iPhone records videos in 4K resolution, website like YouTube streams 4K video contents. 4K videos are ubiquitous. However, needless to say, this kind of ultra-clear videos also have some drawbacks. The file size of one-minute 4K video at 30 fps requires about 375MB! That means it takes a lot of time to process any 4k video. No matter you want to convert video format or compress video file size. So is there any good solution? The answer is YES. MacX Video Converter Pro is the cure-all for 4K video processing.

About MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro is an all-round video processing tool which support to convert, resize, download, edit and record videos on Mac. What makes it stands out is the lightening processing speed powered by Hardware Acceleration techs. What this Hardware Acceleration techs do is to allocate graphically-intensive tasks such as high-definition video processing from CPU to specialized GPU/APU. Which is more efficient than doing it only on CPU. It is far less CPU occupied and will dramatically reduce the waiting time for video processing, especially for 4K UHD or other high-definition files.

MacX Video Converter Pro is the software that takes advantage of Hardware Acceleration tech most successfully. And this can be presented clearly by the comparison with the famous video converter HandBrake.

Why MacX Video Converter Pro?

The source video is a 5GB 4K MKV video in AVC codec and the output video is the MP4 video in H.264 codec. With HandBrake, its takes about 34 mins to finish the processing. However, MacX Video Converter Pro completes the whole progress in only 4 mins! That’s the power of Hardware acceleration! What’s better, MacX is using deinterlacing tech to reserve the video quality so it can reach the balance of good video quality and small video size.

Lets Do It Right Away:

MacX Video Converter Pro Review

The steps of using MacX Video Converter Pro is as easy as a pie. First, load 4K video in the software and select the desirable video format in the output profile (200+ video format supported). Second, choose the folder to store the output videos. Third, hit the RUN button and the conversion starts. And if your aim is to compress video size, you can adjust video resolution from high to low and adjust video frame rate and bitrate. MacX will apply the Hardware Acceleration techs automatically if your Mac computer supports this tech. And you can also make your video shorter and smaller by using the built-in video editor to cut the unwanted clips.

In conclusion, MacX Video Converter Pro is a must-have for all video enthusiasts to process their 4K videos.

Official Giveaway

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