Kerala vision broadband Review & Plans

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Are you looking to buy a Kerala Vision broadband connection?

Aaandd… especially you are confused about Kerala Vision’s speed, performance, customer support, pros, and cons?

Moreover, you are confused about which plan is suitable for you? Then no surprise, we are going to cover everything you must know about Kerala Vision Broadband.

I have listed all the latest plans and packages offered by the broadband company. Additionally, reviews and FAQs are compiled for your convenience.

Having a solid internet connection at our homes seems to be a must as there is always a limited amount of data that telecom can provide. However, when it comes to broadband, the horizon and plans broaden.

According to The Economic Times, there has been a surge of 30% in the demand for new connections since the lockdown.

An increase of 60-70% average data use per customer has been also noted, as customers are using more data to connect to work and learn what they are missing at school.

There was never a better time to understand the importance of cheap and fast internet than now.

Whether it is working from home or studying from home, communication with your loved ones in different parts of the world, or entertainment through OTT platforms, broadband has become one of the most essential utilities in every Indian home.

The lockdown, amidst changing a lot of things around us, made our Internet connection umbilical. Therefore, a very drastic drop has been seen in broadband prices all over Kerala.

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Also, according to Business Standard, the Kerala government has asked internet service providers to increase internet speed by 30-40 percent to meet the demand arising from the current situation. The decision was proved to be beneficial to those working in IT sectors and students studying online.

While there are endless options in the market, we will focus on Kerala Vision Broadband Limited. Read on and find out everything about this broadband service.

About Keralavision Broadband Limited

If you stay in Kerala, then Kerala Vision Broadband is an affordable and decent broadband connection for you.

Keralavision Broadband Limited is an initiative of independent Cable TV Operators in Kerala under the guidance of the Cable Operators Association (COA). COA is an umbrella union of local cable operators all over Kerala. It is a conglomeration of more than 4000 independent cable networks functioning all over Kerala.

KCCL started operations with the supply of Cable TV. However, they have a significant role to play as an Internet service provider in Kerala along with the distribution of digital TV channels.

Those who wish to subscribe to Keralavision internet connection can contact their local cable TV operators or you can directly apply for a new connection through their website.

Keralavision Broadband Plans 2021

Let’s check out the popular plans offered by them:

Kerala Vision Broadband Limited FUP Plans

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Limit
(incl. Taxes)
FUP30M600G30 Mbps600 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps₹498.61 /- Per Month  
FUP50M600G50 Mbps600 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps ₹593.81 /- Per Month
FUP60M1000G  60 Mbps1000 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps ₹660.45 /- Per Month 
FUP100M1000G 100 Mbps1000 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps  ₹950.81 /- Per Month
FUP60M1500G60 Mbps1500 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps₹950.81 /- Per Month  
FUP100M1500G  100 Mbps1500 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps  ₹1188.81 /- Per Month    
FUP100M2000G  100 Mbps2000 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps  ₹1783.81 /- Per Month 
FUP100M2500G 100 Mbps2500 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps  ₹2259.81 /- Per Month 
 FUP100M3000G100 Mbps3000 GB Data Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps  ₹2378.81 /- Per Month 
FUP200M3300G  200 Mbps3300 GB Data Post FUP Speed 4 Mbps   ₹2973.81 /- Per Month 
Kerala Vision Broadband’s Limited Plan

Kerala Vision Broadband Unlimited Plans

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Rent
speed 30 Mbps
UNLIMITED Data (No FUP)₹772.31 /-
Per Month (incl. taxes )
speed 40 Mbps
UNLIMITED Data (No FUP)₹1010.31 /-
Per Month (incl. taxes )
speed 60 Mbps
(Included Voice, Amazon Prime, and Zee5)
₹1248.31 /-
Per Month (incl. taxes )
Kerala Vision Broadband Unlimited Plans

Kerala Vision Broadband SME Unlimited Plans

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Rent (incl Taxes)
10 MbpsUNLIMITED Data (No FUP)₹2021.81 /-
Per Month
Kerala Vision Broadband SME Unlimited Plans

Kerala Vision Broadband – 1 Year FUP Plans

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Limit
30 Mbps2000 GB Data
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
₹4163.81 /-
Per Year
FUP1Y50M2500G 1 YEAR FUP50 Mbps2500 GB Data
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
₹5591.81 /-
Per Year
Kerala Vision Broadband’s 1-Year FUP Plans

Kerala Vision Broadband Data Booster Plans

These plans allow the users to top up their existing limited FUP plans after the limit has been reached.

The plan has to be used only in combination with FUP plans.

After the top-up, the subscriber can continue to experience the same speed.

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Limit
(No FUP)
Per Billing Cycle
(No FUP)
Per Billing Cycle
(No FUP)
Per Billing Cycle
Data Booster Plan

Kerala Vision Broadband Limited FUP Plans with Voice

Their voice plans are in technological collaboration with BSNL.

Plan NameSpeedData LimitMonthly Limit
(incl. taxes)
VOICE-FUP50M600G FUP PLAN WITH VOICE50Mbps600GB Data Post FUP Speed 2Mbps₹692.82 /-
Per Month
VOICE-FUP60M1000G FUP PLAN WITH VOICE60Mbps1000GB Data Post FUP Speed 2Mbps₹759.46 /-
Per Month
VOICE-FUP60M1500G FUP PLAN WITH VOICE60Mbps1500GB Data Post FUP Speed 2Mbps₹1049.82 /-
Per Month
VOICE-FUP100M1000G FUP PLAN WITH VOICE100Mbps1000GB Data Post FUP Speed 2Mbps₹1049.82 /-
Per Month
VOICE-FUP30M600G FUP PLAN WITH VOICE30Mbps600GB Data Post FUP Speed 2Mbps₹597.62 /-
Per Month
FUP Plans

After choosing the plan that suits you best, all you need to do is to submit some of your personal information along with CAF and proceed.

You can also contact your nearest Kerala Vision cable TV operator or contact their customer care service for a new connection.

How to book a new Kerala Vision Broadband Connection?

Applying a new kerala vision broadband connection
  1. Go to the website: and follow the below steps.
  2. Click on “New Connection” on the top.
  3. Choose your plan (available category-wise).
  4. Enter your details (Name, email, contact details, CAF, landmark, etc)
  5. Click on “Submit”.
  6. Your nearest operator will contact you.
  7. Payment can be done at the time of installation (online or cash).

Kindly note, you can also contact your nearest cable TV operator or Kerala Vision Customer Support to know about installation and plan details.

Kerala Vision Registered Office
Uzhaloor Temple Road, South Thoravu,
Puthukkad, Thrissur-680301,

Kerala Vision Broadband customer care information

Thrissur NOC:  0480-2755755
Calicut NOC:  0495-2745655
You can also email/send Queries and Enquiries to:
Send Finance Related queries to:

Kerala Vision Broadband – PROS AND CONS

  • Constant speed for download and upload.
  • High bandwidth with no buffering while using Youtube in 1080p and no issues while streaming games.
  • Available in all urban as well as remote regions all over Kerala.
  • More than 3000 broadband operators in Kerala.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Many people have complained of the customer care staff being rude.
  • Sometimes, Kerala Vision does not connect to VPN.
  • Only very few costly plans have free OTT platforms and special services along with it.
  • No option for a trial period like other broadbands.
  • The range of the router is just acceptable.
  • Sometimes, installation team arrives after months of booking the service.

Should I go for any other Broadband Service?

From my point of you, one cannot say that Kerala Vision is not a flop. You are getting high speed and the best performance by the best internet provider in Kerala.

A couple of my friends living in other cities have also told me that Kerala Vision’s speed is constant and it never dropped the connection. Calling it a flop can’t be digested.

Internet speed depends on the latency, the lower latency means the high the speed is, when you check the internet speed on a computer or laptop you may notice that the internet speed boosts, while in mobile it may fluctuate.

It depends on the placing of the router or how far you are.

Overall, you can go for Kerala Vision Broadband limited. But if you want a service that has more plans with subscriptions to OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar VIP, you can check out other popular broadband services like Asianet Broadband, Jio Fiber, Railwire broadband, etc.

Conclusion – Is Kerala Vision Broadband Worth Buying?

The answer is an absolute YES. You will be hard-pressed to find a broadband service at such reasonable prices and flexibility.

Moreover, the advantage of no hidden or monthly charges is another bonus. Everyone has their own reviews and ratings published on forums, blogs, social networking sites, and Youtube.

Mine is regarding the speed and performance, a happy customer so far but can’t say what the future holds.

I’m a normal internet user who requires good speed to download and upload files. If you need a 100 Mbps plan, you can go for the plans starting from Rs. 950.81 /-

So yes, if you want a reliable internet connection in Kerala, Kerala Vision Broadband is a decent option you can consider. Go for it!

If you live in Kerala and use the Kerala Vision Broadband, let us know your experience with the operator in the comment section below.

How can I check the speed of my connection?

You can check your Kerala Vision Broadband Internet connection speed using any genuine and popular speed testing websites like

How to recharge, change or renew the Internet package?

You can recharge, change or renew your internet package by contacting your nearest Kerala Vision Operator Office. You can also do it online through the Self-care portal-

How can I address my complaints?

If you have any complaints regarding your current plan, billing, or connection, you can simply contact their customer support. If that doesn’t work for you, contact your operator or log in to and register a complaint.

How do I check my data usage?

Login to the self-care portal on the website with the username and password received to your registered mobile number and check your usage.

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