How to show your site’s Alexa country rankings?

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Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based  subsidiary company of which provides commercial web traffic data. It is used by many bloggers out there to keep track of their own and their competitor’s rankings daily or on monthly basis. You can create your own account on Alexa to know more about your website’s public bounce rates, daily pageviews per visitors and their daily average time spent on the site. You can check the rank of any website just by typing in the URL. While looking up for rankings you may have noticed two of the ranks are displayed on the screen. One is the global rankings and other one is the country specific rankings. The reason why you are here on this post might be because of your site’s country rankings probably won’t showing up there. The country rankings are generated and displayed automatically by the Alexa, depending upon the traffic your website is receiving country wise. But we can also mention out of our own after signing up for an Alexa account (its free),
Note: Those who already have Alexa account can follow from step 7 onwards,

1- First of all open in your browser and enter your site’s URL in the search box.

2- After that it will show your global rankings there, click Certify your site’s metrics.

3- Select View Plans and listings.

4- Scroll down to the bottom and hit Claim a site.

5- It will prompt to enter your site’s URL again, after entering the URL click continue.

6- Then sign up free for your Alexa account. After signing in, you are about to select a method to claim your site.
Show alexa country rankings

I will recommend to opt for the second method which is “Add an Alexa Verification ID to your homepage“, & copy the <meta tag> which contains your unique ID in it & paste it on your blog/site under the <head> tag. Click Verify my ID after when done.

7- When being verified, go to your Dashboard and click Edit site listings.
How to show your alexa country rankings

8- Scroll down and select your country under Alexa Traffic Rank in Country. After choosing the appropriate country flag you want to display, hit the blue save changes option.
Wait for sometimes so that changes takes place properly.
Note: If the rank is not displaying (or showing “no data”) for the country you opt for, then it means that Alexa does not have enough data to pull the regional rank for your website. You can instead choose for another country from the drop down list, based on the popularity of your website.

Now you have your website’s both global as well as country rankings live on Alexa, adding to it you can also use Alexa rank widgets on your blog to look more professional.
Happy Blogging!!

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