SAFER Smart Pendant Review : wearables for your loved ones

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Looking for an awesome gift for your loved ones? How about it being the ultimate gift to keep your loved ones safer than ever!! Here take a look at this beautiful pendant offered by Leaf Wearables an Indian start-up company consisting of students from IIT and the Delhi Technological University. This product known as SAFER is a smart safety device that can send text messages and alert calls to pre-identified contacts in state of emergency with just the tap of a button. The SAFER device is concealed within a beautiful pendant that adds as  an accessory. The product is available in three colors namely :  Onyx Black – Sapphire Blue – Emerald Green.

Lets get a closer glimpse of what’s inside the box.

The box consists of SAFER device, a shining pendant (Gem), user manual and USB cable for charging the device.

SAFER device

Following are the safety features that SAFER device provides :-

  • Instant SOS : Double tap on the SAFER device to send emergency alert messages with your location to your trusted contacts.
  • Instant Location : If you are feeling unsafe, share your live location while travelling.
  • Near by Safehouses : Locates the nearest police station or hospitals where you can be safe.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy : The device is compatible with BLE 4.0 technology and pairs instantly with your android or ios device.
  • Fast charge : The SAFER device can be fully charged in a span of 15 min with a normal usb cable.
  • Low Battery Consumption : The SAFER device when fully charged lasts for 7 days with normal use.

Let’s now talk about the product in detail :-


The design of the product is pretty much appealing, adding as a salient accessory and much less a gadget. It has a circular shape ( 38 mm in diameter and 12 mm in height) to it with the front part embedded with a piece of hand-cut glass crystal that comes in three different colours : Onyx Black – Sapphire Blue – Emerald Green. The back panel is made up of stainless steel. The whole structure acts as a shell that hides the safer device. The device consists of a button on its back that can be pressed. The steel casing has a small opening at its back so as to access the button on the device. You would have a much better idea by looking at the images below.


The device set-up is only a one time process and it won’t bother you in the future. The device comes with a setup manual that is easy to understand and you will be done with it in a jiffy. Remember to charge the SAFER device for around 15 minutes before using it for the first time. For futher assistance follow the steps below :

  • Install the SAFER app on your IOS or Android device. Links to the android application are given here : SAFER
  • The next screen prompts you to enter your mobile number. A verification code would be sent to your device.
  • Now keep the SAFER device close to your smartphone and then press the button at the back of the device. Watch out for a blinking blue light or a vibration.
  • When you see the blinking light tap next on the app screen. A pop up is displayed prompting you to turn on the bluetooth on your smartphone. [ SAFER device works on Bluetooth Low Energy technology]
  • Tap on ALLOW. This starts a search action for your SAFER device.
  • Tap when your device identifies on the network.
  • The next screen asks you to provide a profile info by either signing up with an email address or a facebook account. Tap on which ever is suitable to you.
  • Once your account is set, you should be able to see a ” + ” sign. Tapping on it allows you to set your contacts you need to alert in case of emergency.



The SAFER device is a brilliant step towards the safety and security for people we care. The GPS function enables to track the movements of the people and also shows a list of nearby hospitals and police stations in case of an emergency. There are some technical issues that still persist such as connection issues and network issues which need to be resolved. We would suggest you this safety pendant but then there are more technological advancements coming day by day. If you wish to buy then the links to the website are given below.

Purchase safer pendent:


Godwin Givar is an author & smartphone reviewer and shares his blogging and creative insights at Techulk. He tries to remain updated with the current trends in the technology.

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