How to recharge metro card online? (Simple Steps)

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Recharging metro card these days isn’t a big deal via ticket vending machine placed at the entrance of every metro stations we find. But most of the times we tends to find long queue at the machine, or in my case personally I find the vending machine not in a functioning state. Recharging the card at the customer care is not that feasible with the limitation of Rs 200 minimum amount. So lets save a little time and frustration by recharging the metro card online, here are two simplest methods you can use to recharge metro card online:

USING PayTm (Mobile)


Recharge metro card online via Paytm

I think you are pretty much aware what Paytm is, its the most reliable method for paying your bills and other payments online! It was started by offering mobile recharges but now its offering a full marketplace for the users as an e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

Step 1: So first of all install the PayTm app on your phone. Click the link down below if you don’t have the PayTm app on your device.

Download Paytm app from playstore

Note: it will prompt for sign in, just simply login to your account. If you don’t have an account then just tap sign up option & choose the methods for signing up (it will not take more than 2 minutes).
Step 2: Now open up the app and tap the Metro icon by horizontally scrolling through right under the “Recharge & Pay Bills For” section.

Step 3: After that select your operator (if you are travelling via Metro in Delhi select “Delhi Metro” or else select “Mumbai Metro” for Mumbai).

Step 4: Then you will be welcomed with a screen for filling your Card Number & the desired Amount you want to recharge.
(The Card Number is the serial number printed behind the face of your metro card next to the date).

Step 5: When done click that blue “Proceed to Recharge” button. (If you want instant Recharge from your Paytm balance then check the Fast Forward box before hitting the “Proceed to Recharge” button).

Step 6: Fill the details by selecting the payment method (debit/credit) card & hit Pay Now. The card will be recharged successfully with your desired amount in it.


Using DMRC Website (Desktop/PC/tablet)


Recharge Metro Card Online

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation has officially provided us a way to recharge the metro card online. Just simply open up your browser on your PC/laptop/tablet and visit , and follow the provided steps mentioned down below:

Note: Currently the website isn’t mobile friendly, but on PC the site does its job quite well. So mobile users follow the steps discussed above using PayTm , So to recharge,

Step 1: Visit from any of your browsers on your desktop PC/laptop/tablet and head over to QUICK TOP UP section.

Step 2: Filling the fields,

Card IDInput your Metro card’s ID (mentioned right to the date of issue behind the face of the card).

Amount*Enter your desired amount you want to recharge. (The minimum amount is 100)

CaptchaInput the alphanumeric image visible in this field, to testify you are a human not a bot. (The captchas are case sensitive). Then click CONTINUE to proceed further,
Step 3: In this page, you will be opting out the payment method. You can choose from the following method mentioned down below for the payment:

  • CreditCard
  • DebitCard
  • NetBanking
  • Wallet

Step 4:  After filling your details, click CHECKOUT to proceed.

Now you have recharged your metro card successfully!! lets jump to the final step, which is the Validation.


Recharge metro card online-Validation AVM


This is the final step to perform after recharging your metro card via (PayTm/Website). Now you just have to spare your 2 mins for validating the metro card using the AVM placed near customer care side grill at metro station. Its a small white coloured rectangular machine with a bright touchscreen display. (As Shown in the image).

On the screen there are 2 options available namely the Top-Up & Enquiry. Select the Top-Up option and place your card in the card holder and tap Validate.


TADA!!! Now you have finally completed the physical step too. Finally the only thing which is left now is to board the train and reach your desired destinations, may the little time you saved turn beneficial for you.

Happy Journey!!

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