How to place Ads in between the posts on blogger?

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Google AdSense is one of the best and trusted method for monetizing your blog. No other Ad network is such reliable & powerful as compared to Google AdSense. A plus point with AdSense is that it comes in more handy when you are using it with the blogger platform, because within the blogger dashboard under the earnings section you can choose where to show your Ads without going deep into the codings.
Your home page/main page is your visitor’s attraction therefore placing Ads between the posts will automatically lead to generate more revenue. So to place Ads in between your posts:
• First login to your blogger account and click Layout.
• There in the Layout section you will find Blog Posts, click the edit option.
how to place Ads between the posts on blogger


• After that scroll down and look for Show Ads Between Posts option.
• Check it and select the Ad type you want to show between the posts and choose the number of the Ads to occur after each posts.
how to place Ads between the posts?


• Click save and you are done. Isn’t it that simple?


Things To Note:

The first thing to keep in mind is that don’t place more than 3 Ad units on a single page, if you have it then remove one of them as we don’t want to land on any problems in future. By applying the given method mentioned above it will automatically not show more than 3 Ad units on your main page but if you have placed ad units inside your posts page under your html body then you have to take care of maximum Ad limit on a single page.
The next thing to note is, after applying the method if you encountered blank Ads or no Ads between the posts on your main page then please do make sure that in the Earnings section you must allowed and selected to Display ads in my sidebar and posts or Display ads below the posts option.
This is the simplest method for showing Ads between the posts on blogger.
Happy blogging.

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