Websites not opening on mtnl/bsnl broadband networks [fix]

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Like all of you guys, from past years I am using MTNL broadband connection for seamless internet access. Later on I found that there were some problems with loading websites as it showed me “Webpage not available” error each and every time when I tried to access a particular webpage. It was like most of the E-shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal were displaying the same following error. Digging more deeper into the issue I found that not only me but others too are also having the same problem with their broadband connections too. So today we will be fixing this issue step by step,
how to fix webpage not available error with mtnl broadband connection?
First of all we are going to enter your router’ssettings of the modem.
For that enter in the URL box of your browser.
Then a popup will occur where you have to enter the User name and your respective password,


(by default in most cases the user name and password is “admin” , if didn’t worked then you have to enter your costumer ID/Number mentioned in your landline’s bill in the password section)


Note: You can also change the password after successfully entering in the settings under the “device settings” section for more convenience.
Now open a new tab and type
Now under Personal>>Enhanced DNS. You will find 2 OpenDNS IP Addresses mentioned down in a box, jot it down or copy both of the addresses somewhere else.
Now back in your router’s settings goto Advanced Setup>>DNS


There you will find your default DNS IP Address boxes, as Primary & Secondary.[As shown in the image]


Note: You can copy those default IP address of yours and keep it somewhere safe just as a backup.



Now paste those Addresses that we copied from the OpenDNS there,
The first box should go as Primary DNS server and second will go as Secondary DNS server.
Webpage not available fix
Now finally just hit the save option!! It will take a while to save the settings. After that try to open those websites which were not opening on your browser before, it will be opening from now on-wards after applying the following method.
You can also backup and download your whole settings in your storage to stay safe while playing with your modem’s settings under Management >> Backup settings.
That’s it!! isn’t it so simple? or if you have any kinda problems or doubts hassle free comment it down below.

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  1. I tried with 'admin' and my CA NO. in the password box in the pop up that asks for the user name and password, but it didn't work. I also tried my mtnl landline number in the password box, but it shows error

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