How to get your Google synced contacts?

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What is the most important thing your smartphone has?? I am not talking about the 64 bit processor, nor the bigger gigs of RAM and not even about the megapixels your camera offers!! I am talking about the real important stuff here, which delivers the purpose of being a Phone on the first place!!!! I am talking about the valuable contact numbers you have in your phonebook. Did you ever on earth cared for your contacts?? Ever thought what would happen if you loose it??
Lets discuss about those situations when you will require your google synced contacts more than anything:
Situation 1: When you switch mobile operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows, Tizen etc).

Situation 2: In case if you are using multiple google accounts on your android phone and need a tidy phonebook with no duplicate copies of your pre-existing contacts.

Situation 3: Unfortunately, when your phone gets lost and all what you care about is getting your contacts back for Godsake!!!

Situation 4 (Epic): In case if your brand new premium phone explodes all of a sudden just like the weapon 7? and for the sake of your health you make your mind to migrate back to those invincible keypad phones we used back then, (yes, they still exists!! Now you know the purpose).

Situation 5 (Being Over Cautious): Just for making a backup of a backup!

And what else? World’s full of possibilities.

Now here comes the actual need of a physical contacts vCard file, so that you can import your contacts from the vCard independently to your phonebook app regardless whichever mobile OS platform you are using.

So to retrieve your synchronised Google contacts:


How to get your google synced contacts

Step 1:  Open up your browser and in the URL type and sign in to your respective Google account (where your synced contacts resides), then click the Personal info & privacy card.
Step 2: On the left side you will find the Control your content right under the Personal info & privacy option, just hit the CREATE ARCHIVE option to proceed further.

How to get your google synced contacts

Step 3: Now you will find all the Google apps listed one by one under the “Products” section, browse for Contacts below those listed products which will be in vCard format, check that option only and simply just scroll down (make sure all are others are unchecked) and click the blue Next option down below. (As shown in the image down below).

How to get your google synced contacts

Step 3: There you will find a green tick page with 1 product selected. Under Customize archive format select the File type as .zip and Delivery method as Send download link via email. After that hit that beautiful blue Create archive button.

Soon after that you’ll receive a download link via mail containing a zip file of your Contacts vCard in it. The download link will expire within one week. After that simply download the contacts zip file on your PC.

Now to import the the vCard on your android device, follow these steps mentioned below:

How to get your google synced contacts

• Extract the zip to get your contacts vCard file and copy it to your root of your SD card (outside all of the folders).

• Open contacts app and click options and select the Import from .vcf file option.

• Select the existing Google account linked to the device or simple click Local phone account and browse the vCard file we placed and tap on it.

Contacts will be imported shortly within few seconds in your phonebook. By following the above method not only you can download the contacts from your Google account but also you can download all the other synchronised data from all the Google products like YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Fit, Blogger etc. You just have to check those options before you download keeping the others unchecked for getting your content back.

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