How to get AdSense with 1 month old domain?

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While reading posts and articles related to blogging, we in common come across discussions where its clearly written that to get your Google AdSense approved, your domain must be at least 6 months older in one or other conditions everywhere. Its not that true, so here’s my story that how I managed to get my Google AdSense account with my 1 month old domain. So lets start with what all those necessary stuffs that we need to get it,
A blog is of no use if it doesn’t have sufficient amount of posts in it so please don’t ignore this condition. This is the vital material of your blog, without sufficient and quality content you will not get approved. Post at least 40 or more quality articles on your blog. Here ‘quality’ determines a unique, non copied  and interesting article that your visitors love to read and get to learn about something new. If the blog doesn’t have proper amount of articles and you apply for AdSense then it will definitely get disapproved by the team stating “insufficient content” on your blog and they can’t take you in their program make necessary changes and apply again. Hence there is no chance of running away from this crucial aspect, so take time and write useful and wonderful articles before applying.

Blog Traffic:

Blog traffic means, the amount of visitors who reaches your posts per day. You can count your visitors either on your blogger dashboard under the overview section or you can create a Google Analytics account and get all your site details more precisely over there including the real time visitors. So how much traffic do you need really?
If your blog is getting minimum or more than a 100 visitors per day then you are doing well. Let me clear you that traffic and visitors are directly proportional to the Quality Contents of your blog, your posts will attract the visitors and your visitors will make the traffic and your traffic will increase the probability of getting your AdSense approved. So without the first aspect which is the ‘Quality Content’ you can’t jump in to the next!
If you succeeded getting more than 100 visitors then you can pass all the hurdles very easily.

Necessary Pages:

You should have proper ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Contact’ page and ‘About’ author section on your blog. If you don’t have it, don’t worry lots of Privacy Policy generators are available online! you can generate and edit it according to your requirements for the Privacy Policy page and for the ‘contact us/you’ page  you can go to jotform and design it your own custom form over there.
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Proper Layout:
“The way your website look the way it make the visitors smile”. Yes you should be more concerned about your website’s looks, it should have proper arranged gadgets, sidebar, footer, navigation bar etc. Don’t make the post title and the body overlapping to each other or make your written contents too close to each other it will make the readers feel discomforting, keep friendly language, proper space in between sentences and please don’t keep on changing the templates now and then! just stick to a template that suits your blog perfectly and make it your final.

A Domain

Yeah, its true if you want money or a successful blog you should spend money. Buying a domain is not a big deal today, you can get it as cheap as from godaddy, bluehost, hostgator or bigrock etc. It doesn’t means that dot-blogspot aur dot-wordpress will not get AdSense but its very very hard to get it on free domains. A custom domain name not only makes the website look professional but also reflects how much serious the person is towards blogging. Also please don’t go for the dot-tk domains it will never gonna help getting you AdSense approval. So buy one fast before the name of the domain you are thinking of that suits you will be grabbed away by someone else.



Yes sure, if you implement and follow the above mentioned tips very carefully and seriously then you will not have to wait 6 months to apply for AdSense. You will be get approved within no time!! It doesn’t matter how much times you got rejected before but believe me, techulk was accepted within one month and I just followed the above written aspects only. I also got rejected 2-3 times like most of us before, just keep patience and faith on what you are doing it will definitely get accepted!

Good luck.

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  1. Victor Bassey Reply

    I am asked by AdSense to register for AdSense on my blog and I should go through the registration through my blog since am using blogspot when trying to register the first step to signup I am requested to put in my Google mail which I did n it was accepted the second step my site automatically upload itself on the put in your website and then choose the language when I choose the language and then click on save and continue it refuses to load the third page were I am suppose to fill in my information it will just remain there at the second step without loading.
    Please what should I do as I have tried it several times,
    Please I need your help thank u.

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