Fix Bluetooth calling & connectivity issues with car stereo

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My uncle was extremely satisfied with the pre-installed stereo system of his new Hyundai Xcent. But he was consistently dealing with an issue with his Lenovo smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity. At first the pairing process was smooth and got working the way it should work. But the second time when the stereo system booted up, the calling functionality stopped working. All the calls being received was not getting through the stereo for hands-free calling regardless the Bluetooth was connected and working properly. But the other functionalities like playing/browsing/toggling music was just working fine the way it should.

Then I looked up the phone’s settings right under the “Paired Devices” option. Tapping the stereo name revealed a strange issue with the “Phone Calling” feature. It was not getting selected no matter how much time I tried to select it. After quite searching on the internet I found that the problem is not only with the Lenovo devices. The similar problem is being faced by Moto, Xiaomi and Oppo users too. So to get things working what I did was is as follows:

Changing Scanning Settings

Changing Bluetooth Scanning

The above problem commonly arises, because of the default settings of the device. That is, it tries to improve the location by allowing system apps and services to detect Bluetooth devices at any time. So disabling the option will do the trick.
First of all turn off the Bluetooth option to get the similar screen like the images shown (check the picture above):

• Goto Settings >> Bluetooth >> Scanning Settings
• Then disable the Bluetooth Scanning option.
• Now turn on the Bluetooth and try to reconnect it with the device.

Still you are not able to make calls via Bluetooth after re-enabling it, then remove the device and then pair it again.

To Remove The Device:

Bluetooth-Removing the paired devices


Go-to your paired devices list and click on the gear icon at the right. After that click the forget option to remove the device from the list (as shown above). After that put the stereo in pairing mode and add your smartphone to it.

If you are still not able to make call using your device, then feel free to comment it down below or drop your queries at our Contact Us form. We have fixed USB Error 23 which is an another problem with the stereo system, check the article Fix USB error 23.

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  1. Ayan Khastgir Reply

    I have a Moto C Plus. My phone bluetooth gets connected for both calls and music but when I’m on any call through my car bluetooth, an annoying beep is all I can hear instead of the other person’s voice. I have tried removing the connection and reconnecting it lots of times but the problem doesn’t seem to go away.

  2. I have Nokia 5 running with Android 9. My wife has Nokia 3 running with I think Android 8.1
    Calling function on Nokia 5 does not work.
    But Calling function works on Nokia 3.

  3. Hey thanks, this is very much helpful. I wasn’t getting why this is happening. I googled it and found it very helpful as I have Xcent only.

    • Shravan Das Reply

      You’re most welcome, Tushar. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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