Animation in Web Design | 6 Ways to Breathe Life in Your Website

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The animation is not only implemented for 3D movies and cartoons rather you can see the popup everywhere. Also, motion and web animations have become an integrated part of web designing feature. Starting from full-screen videos to moving images, silly gifs, animation has now become the latest trend as well as best web designing weapon. Also, animation covers a major part of hassle-free user vibe. From its inception, we are seeing animation in web designing. It does not matter how large or small it might be. Animation encompasses an inquisitive visual that attracts users into the field of design. The main aspect of the animation lies in realism. With the myriads of useful and minimal design styles, consumers nowadays expect more visual cues in order to perform an immediate task that can save their time. Through Animation you can interact status, guide users, impetrate their attention, see the results of the actions taken and finally enhance the entire website vibe by enchanting users.

animation in website design

Nothing is wrong if you aspire a chic and viable inquisitive website. But if you incorporate the plethora of moving effects into it, it will create an utter mess and finally, it may lead to bad user experience. Moreover, it might reduce the performance of the website at times. Henceforth, marketers tend to negate this as far as possible. So let’s take a look at some of the prominent ways to implement animation in the website design. Also, we will let you know how it will optimize the overall user experience. Therefore, go through this post patiently and think about how it can be implemented in your dream design projects.

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Animate One Element at a Time

Most of the web designers want to add mind blowing hero images containing texts, thorough illustrations we well as intuitive  CTA. The worst way to delineate your users and your brand is through stuffing of animated elements in the hero design. You will find that when users get confused with a variety of elements, they find it disgusting to ascertain where to move next. You need to weigh the purpose of every animation with care. It also acts as a guide for the user’s eye to elements you wish to see in some specific order. Don’t make the webpage clumsy by providing too much animation. You need to make sure to provide spaces between animation with a gap of few seconds in order to ignore creating a design nightmare. The swiping effect helps in animating various elements by guiding users.

Guide Users to Perform Action

If you want to make your website tempting, you need to implement simplified, precise, micro-interactions that can act as a source of an informational clue to users. Also, it provides visual feedback when you communicate with each element. With the use of several elements you need to animate, it is recommended to use micro interactions only when you wish to exhibit any particular feature. Using this simple animation, you can tell your users about a specific course of action that has been done successfully. This will help the users about the present status and how much time it will take for completion.

Unfold Information

Animation is considered to be an effective way to optimize the information that you provide in the given space. If you add mouseover effects, you can unfold surplus details that your visitor will be excited to read. This keeps your webpage secured. Therefore, when visitors search for a particular element, they clearly get to know where the attention should be shifted.

Used as a CTA

call to action

Animations are an effective process in order to persuade users to communicate with an application as well as the website. Therefore, create eye-catch CTA in order to entice the interest of the users.

Progress Of The Process

Another way to engage more users and entertain them is to add design features that exhibit a particular aspect. It will display the continuation of the process or simply puts up a new notification. Also, this will play a vital role to attract more users and also entertain them during this interval while they wait for a process.

Incorporate Storytelling in Animations

You can breathe life to the fullest out of this mundane interface by adding a catchy storytelling effect using animations. You need to cut down the web design into smaller sections and using each of those sections, you can portray a story. This will enrich your content and take your web design to the next dimension.

Brand Mascot

Brand Mascot can bring breath in life too. There are some brands with fun and lovable mascot. They perform a great task in integrating several features into the product using colorful animations such as two below for hitting send and maintaining an email campaign. This will put up a smile on your face while you are scheduling emails.

Skeleton Screens

If you implement skeleton screen in website design, users can interact easily with your website. These are empty sectioned pages into which information is feed and that too on a periodic basis. To obtain fruitful results, animations should be implemented when the webpage is overloaded with information. The main motive of using animations is to keep the user engaged. If the webpage doesn’t contain lucrative animation, the user will find this to be boring and will leave that page. They don’t want to waste the time and henceforth will browse to some other website.

Transition Without Hard Cuts

Transition on a particular website should not only run smoothly but also act as a sign of change in state. The state change perceived in user interface covers hard cuts which might lead to certain problems. Hard Cut transitions seem to be very fast and appear to be disgusting for users. Henceforth, the animation technique can be used to eradicate this problem. By using this feature, viewers can click on a link that will take him/her to a separate section while remaining on that same page.

Visual Feedback

It appears to be a great vibe for the customers to get a response after doing a particular task. The obvious way is to implement visual effects. Sometimes users can’t find those particular things from the website they are expecting in terms of interactive items. It posts a challenge to the user and consequently, they end up landing on some other website.

In order to negate this issue, you should create interactions which are easily understandable. Users should be enriched with information about each interaction to make ensure they obtain the result they need. Visual feedback should encompass everything which can be used to display a response to a particular action.

Creative Effects

Your main motive is not only creating a great presentation that attracts viewers but also able to build a unique spot. Creative effects permit you to incorporate advanced features which can make your website stand out among others. Also, you can add features that make viewers excited every time they come to your website. If you want to make your website enticing, you need to incorporate creative effects.

To Wrap It Up

The ultimate agenda of using web animations is to make sure your website is responsive, eye-catchy and user-friendly. Animations can act as a sturdy tool that can help your audience to finish the task and get themselves engaged with the content. Please take into consideration that the target audience should communicate with animations you add in your website since the elements you add can affect the overall experience. Henceforth, follow this informative user guide patiently to know the prominent ways to glorify your world of animation.


1. What is html5 animation?

HTML5 is the most advanced and recent HTML standard. It is built with various new elements and attributes that optimize semantics, connectivity, device access, animation as well as styling. With the optimum use of HTML5, animations can easily be programmed in the browser.

2. What are the animated images mostly used in Web Pages?

  • CSS Animations

  • Scalable Vector Graphics

  • SMIL

  • Graphics Interchange Format

  • Canvas

  • Flash

  • Video

3. Is Google Web Designer free?

Google Web Designer is a program built for Windows, Mac as well as Linux in order to create communicative HTML5 ads as well as other HTML5 content.Google Web Designer is easy to download and henceforth you are free to use it.

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