How to get through AdSense PIN verification process?

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When will I receive the verification PIN from AdSense? OR How much long should I really wait to get the address verification PIN? Yeah I also did made these queries everywhere around the web & got stuffed with the same answer which was “You will receive your PIN within few weeks of time or 20 days depending upon your postal services“. But the truth is I never did received the AdSense PIN ever in my life!!! Today we will be discussing about the Google AdSense PIN verification process in detail.
AdSense PIN verification process
Now after clearing out the second step of AdSense approval most of the people might think that now there is nothing to be worried for, but actually its not like that. After reaching the minimum threshold of 10$ one has to confirm his/her residential address for verification purposes. So Google sends a mail via postal service to the address you requested for in your AdSense account. Its an envelope containing few digits which is your unique PIN that you have to fill-in the required box under your AdSense settings. Many people get it on their first attempt but some of them don’t. AdSense offers 3 chances for the PIN verification, if you miss one then you can attempt for another, if you miss the other one too then you can attempt again. Note that all the three PIN(s) which is sent by Google is exactly the same copy of the first one. But on the third attempt you will eventually run out of chances.
Get Through AdSense PIN verification process
Then there comes a red bar/notification that “you haven’t verified your address yet” & finally the worst part of the whole story! your Ad units stops showing the Advertisements with a notification stating “Your ad units are not displaying ads because you haven’t verified your PIN” on top of your AdSense dashboard. This is the extreme case when you don’t take a serious action about the first warning. After this you will start seeing blank spaces on your Ad units.

Now how to get through this?

I personally wanna suggest you not to worry at all for this address verification process, because you have the final option left. When all the attempts are finished then you can manually send your address proof online to the AdSense team and within several minutes they will mail you back about your status. The link through which you can send your proof will appear right after when you run out of the third attempt in your AdSense account. You can attach the digital image of either one of them:


• Your Govt issued Voter/Election ID card’s image, (snapshot of the front as well as back where your name & residential address is clearly visible).• Electricity Bill with your name and address clearly printed on it.

• Telephone Bill where the name & your residential address is stated.

Those who are under 18 they can use their family member’s address proof with the mail.


Note: One cannot attach multiple images with the mail, so you can join the images using any app or software to make it a single image file.
After completion, the red banner/notification on your AdSense account’s dashboard will be removed within no time. Your Ad units will take a little long to display the Advertisements back.

I also did worried like most of the other people who did not received the AdSense address verification PIN.  Later on I found that not only me but there are many others too around the globe where the envelope never reaches its place. So don’t worry at all Google always has a solution for everything.

That’s all for today hope you got the answers what you were looking for. If you want to ask something related to the topic then you can hassle free comment it down below, I will be happy to look upon it.
Good Luck and happy money making!!

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    • Shravan Das Reply

      Blank Ads showed only for 1-2 hours. After completion of the verification process, everything got fixed.

  1. When i am typing my village name in adsense its showing other address.
    But when i am typing village + city + state
    Names together its showing my adress but till now i have not received my pin.
    What can i do sir?

    • Shravan Das Reply

      Don’t worry, wait for a while. After the 3 failed attempts of the verification pin, you will get a mail from AdSense with a link. Using the link you can send your address proof manually for the verification process. Goodluck Aazam 🙂

  2. Sir, adsense not showig my address.
    How can i verify my account?

    • Shravan Das Reply

      If you did not receive the PIN within 2 weeks, then follow the above article for getting verified.

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