[Fix] 404 page not found error while sharing on Facebook

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There are lots of things in our lives which makes us frustrated. Yeah, you guessed right, I am talking about the 404 error!! Usually this 404 error show’s up when the page related to a particular link doesn’t exists. Yeah we can fix that, but what if in the case when the link actually does exists & still it shows up 404 page not found error?? that’s the situation what couple of bloggers are facing when shared some link on Facebook. Each time you share the link (especially from your own blog) on a Facebook page it leads to “404 page not found” for that specific link. Due to this reason you eventually end up not even sharing that particular post because it doesn’t fits right sharing a link with the “Page not found” description!!
Don’t worry I am also from one of those who faces the following error each time when I attempt to share a new published article’s URL on my own Facebook page. Also you might have noticed that the same link appears to be working right after few days when you try to share it again! We cannot wait for days to post some latest news on our page isn’t it?

Page Not Found Facebook

Many people blame the reason behind this problem is due to the blog’s template. According to me the problem is with Facebook which fails to fetch the data from the URL what we want to share. The reason behind the same link is working again is because the specific posts gets indexed by the Google and also by the Facebook as the time passes (after when the bots crawls page).

So to bypass this 404 error, follow the steps carefully:

Step 1: (Make sure your are logged in with your Facebook account)
Open up the Open Graph Object Debugger page by clicking the following link down below:

Step 2: Copy the URL of your published post & paste it there and hit Enter.

Step 3: Then it will show you the various segments due to which the error is showing up.

Step 4:  Just hit the Fetch new scrape information.


How to scrape post


Step 5: Now simply share the URL again on your Facebook Page, & voila the error would be gone by now. (You can also share the post by scrolling it down and clicking the See this in the share dialogue).

That’s how I fixed this problem, do you have your own method to share?? Let me know by sharing your thoughts right under in the comments section!!!
Happy Blogging!!

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  1. I use the debugger after creating any post so that Facebook will scrape it before someone (or me) decides to share it. Very useful.
    However, this is different to the 404 error.
    There’s a bug in FB where it can’t read from some pages. And the debugger doesn’t help.
    I’m yet to find out why this happens though.

  2. Nope, this is a deeper problem. Like this you are curing the symptom and not a desease….

  3. Domhnall O'Donoghue Reply

    You’re a lifesaver – brilliant and clear directions. Worked a treat!


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