Top 5 Custom ROMs For Redmi 2 (Lollipop)

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Xiaomi Redmi 2/2Prime features a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 64 Bit processor, 1 GB Ram:8 GB ROM | 2 GB Ram:16 GB ROM, 4.7 inch Corning Gorilla glass 3 with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels at 312 PPI. The stock android that we get is Android 4.4.4 Kitkat.As there are no official announcements for a Lollipop update from Xiaomi, the custom Rom(s) are the only choice that we have.

Till date there are a number of stable custom Rom(s) that are up for download. Thanks to the one and only developers who contribute their hard work to make this device an extraordinary piece of off limit technology.Now the real task is to find, of all these Rom(s) which one is the best fit in terms of battery consumption, ram usage, bugs etc .
We previously talked about: Top custom ROMs for redmi 2 based on kitkat.

After using all the ROM(s) and taking into consideration the user reviews, we have selected 5 of them that we find are the best fit to use.
Lets move onto each ROM in detail.

Nexus Experience[AOSP Based]

Nexus Experience Review


Android Open Source Project is a project led by GOOGLE. The AOSP Project offers the information and source code to create custom variants of android stack, port devices and ensures that the devices meet the compatible requirements.

The Nexus Experience also works on the HM2014811 variant and the HM2014819 variant. The ROM has Intellective Governor as default CPU Governor and MAKO Hotplug as default CPU Hotplug. The release 3.0 and above use the GOOGLE webview instead of AOSP webview and can be updated from the Playstore when an update is available. The Antutu Benchmarks came around to be 21580 with all my necessary applications installed.

Customizations for the date and clock, notification ticker option, lockscreen custom shortcuts, option to disable quick settings in lockscreen, option to add sound panel to the power button menu are available under the hood. Adding to it more animation scales have been included. The battery performance is very much efficient & outstanding in terms of usage and is at par with the MIUI 7 battery consumption. The camera works fine , and their are no lags in navigation and multitasking.

Issues on the first release:
The audio recording had noise for the first 5 seconds(fixed). Some devices faced proximity sensor issues(fixed). Also some users had black screens on ongoing calls(fixed).
The above mentioned issues were not faced by the users having the HM2014811 variant.

Link: Download Nexus Experience ROM

CyanogenMod 12.1

CyanogenMod !2.1 Review


CyanogenMod is a customised, aftermarket firmware distribution and is based on the Android Open Source Project(AOSP). It is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROM(s). It also offers a variety of features and enhancements that are not found in the stock android versions.

This ROM boasts of usage performance and battery life. All the CM12.1 features are working and stable. The memory usage has been efficiently enhanced. The kernel is updated to the latest CAF LA.BR.1.1.3_rb1.28 branch. The first release of the ROM had the kernel based on LA.BR.1.1.3_rb1.10, GPS HAL based on LA.BR.1.2.4_rb1.1 and the libraries and binaries from redang. The LED blink duration and speed is variable.

Issues on the first release:
LED notification issues faced(fixed). Button settings incorrect(fixed).

Link: Download CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM

Android Ice Cold Project (AICP)

Aicp Review

This rom had always been based on AOKP but unfotunately AOKP stopped development after kitkat. Hopefully they might make a comeback this year. Hence this ROM has been based on CyanogenMod.
[Note: This ROM does not support CM Updates]

Features includes CM privacy guard, OMNI switch, Slim recents, app sidebar, statusbar clock styles and positioning, double-tap on statusbar to sleep, kernel auditor, AICP OTA app . Customization is also applicable to the power menu and the navigation bar. Multitasking and navigation is pretty smooth, thanks to the ram management. The battery usage is average but better in terms of Resurrection Remix.

Issues on the first release:
Users faced noise issues while recording video(fixed). System UI crashed while accessing AICP extra’s(fixed). Camera appeared to be broken(fixed-replaced by snap camera). Kernel and upstream updated.

Link: Download AICP

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix Review


The Resurrection Remix is one of the most popular aftermarket ROM(s) available. To describe appropriately, it is a remix of the best features found in the AOKP, CyanogenMod, Slim, OMNI, Paranoid Android and the resurrection builds. Thus it is a power-packed ROM with performance and room for loads of customization. As the ROM has heavy customizations to it, the battery backup lies on the verge of an average.

Features include customizations to the phones’s interface, lockscreen, notification drawer, button tweaks. The ram is managed efficiently and leaves very less memory footprint. The Resurrection ROM has a fluidic approach and has a score of 21126 Antutu benchmark. It also features the CM theme chooser and and an awesome set of options combined together as “Resurrection Tools”.

Issues on the first release:
There was a lag in the wake-up screen(fixed). Some users faced repetitive touch issues when connected via USB or when the phone was plugged into charging(fixed). CPU is clocked at 1209MHz hence the battery drains quickly.

Link: Download Resurrection Remix ROM

BlissPop ROM v4.0.3

Blisspop ROM Review


This ROM provided by BlissROM is based on CyanogenMod. The ROM helps to keep the interface neat and tidy by embedding all the features within the settings dialog, so that separate apps do not clutter the app drawer. This ROM also stands out from the crowd in terms of compatibility and stability.

Features include height adjustment to the navigation bar, dark texture theme for the interface, system interface switching, list animations, LCD density adjustments, kernel auditor, integrated clock with weather display support.

Customization can be done to backlight, navigation buttons settings, recent tasks panel machine settings, notification drawer options and settings, notification bar custom button positions and many more. The tweaks to the CM ROM has resulted in a wide variety of customization options for the user, but has resulted in average battery performance. The ram management is good and multitasking and navigation is pretty fluidic.

Issues on the first release:

Users faced black screen during calls(fixed). Proximity sensor issues(fixed). Some users also faced noise issues during video recording.
The users with the HM2014818 variant(Indian) had no problems at all.

Godwin Givar is an author & smartphone reviewer and shares his blogging and creative insights at Techulk. He tries to remain updated with the current trends in the technology.


  1. My current ROM is cm12.1 red mi2 it’s so slow and suddenly power off so plz recommend the best stable ROM without bugs for red mi2 pl,….

    • Shravan Das Reply

      The best we can recommend you now is to use the Nexus experience .
      Its probably the best available official custom ROM which is marshmallow based.
      its clean and smooth with almost no bugs.

  2. hello godwin sir
    my frnds redmi 2 is heating like an iron box, these days he makes bulls eye on it.
    any way to cool the device down?

    • Has he updated his device yo the latest miui version available… cause this was a problem faced by many people with miui version 6

  3. Rohan Chopra Reply

    very nicely done.
    can you please do the same for redmi note 3?

    • Godwin givar Reply

      Thanks Rohan. I’ll see to it as soon as i have a hands-on on the device.
      Till then keep following us and providing us your valuable feedback.

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