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Android has a huge library of games sorted in different categories like Puzzle, Arcade etc. Finding a good game is often hard as you have to go through thousands of games before finding the perfect one. So if you are looking for some unique Mind-Bending games, check out our hottest picks down below.

Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain


Tricky Test 2 is a free IQ game with over 100+ tricky and mind blowing questions. User has to interact with each brain teaser either by touching, sliding or even sometime shaking the device too. Each question has a unique solution to it which you have to find out within limited chances, otherwise you will be punished.


There is a ‘Test your friend mode’ which allows you to select the most typical questions to check you friend’s IQ. The game is suitable for all ages and pushes your creative thinking to the limits. If you are into puzzle or challenging games make sure to try this one out.

Download here- Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain

That Level Again


That Level Again is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever tried in my life. There are 64 non-unique levels with 64 unique solutions. In simple words, each level has the same room but the approach you make to complete the level is different every time. You will often find yourself scratching your head while trying to figure out how the particular level works.

“There are 64 Unique ways to win with a new Immortal hero that arises from the dead”

There is no limits on the number of attempts you make. Your hero will rise from the dead everytime you fail. So if you are looking for something different and addictive make sure to check this one out. Also there are two sequels to this game with quite similar mechanics.

Download here- That Level Again

There Is No Game


There is no game. Why are you still here? This game is quite unique as the game starts with “There Is No Game” written in big letters along with the narrator voice telling you the same. All you have to do is whatever you can.

“There is no game. There is nothing to do.
Do not tap anywhere.”

Touch, drag or whatever you can until you start getting the rhythm of this game. The gameplay is quite short but the experience is completely unique which will entertain you totally.

Download here- There Is No Game

Hardest Game Ever 2


Hardest Game Ever 2 is a series of mini games with challenging difficulties. Each mini games will test your reaction time. It is a 3 button control which looks simple but don’t let the game fool you. Your reaction time is everything, fast the reaction higher the score.

“48 Stages with 4 Challenging Levels bring you hours of adrenaline drain”

The objective is not just to pass the mini games but to pass them with S-Rank to unlock further levels. This game is a perfect example of how things, which appear to be simple turns out to be the most extreme ones.

Download here- Hardest Game Ever 2



QuizUp is not just a simple trivia game. It allows you to post about your interest on your favorite topics, make your own quiz and connect with millions of users. There are over thousands of different topics which you can choose to challenge your friends or random people. Topic library include sports, movies, logos and much more.

“challenge your friends or Random people online on interests you’re best at.”

You can meet new people or take part in tournaments that happens everyday. QuizUp is the biggest trivia game which you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

Download here- QuizUp

These games are recommended by our team, so make sure to check these out and drop your experience in the comments below.

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