How to fix random reboot [android]

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Today we are going to fix Random Reboot problem in android devices with custom roms. This is very annoying at times like when you are doing something important and phone automatically reboots and thus you loose the work you are doing and you have to start all over. I am facing the same problem with my Mi3 and yes its very irritating so i decided to fix it and soon i came up with a working method which is through an app “WAKE LOCK”. Follow these steps to solve random reboot problem.


Step 1- Download Wake Lock Here.

Step 2- Install and open it. Do not forget to provide superuser permissions.

Step 3- Enable the option PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK.

Step 4- Go to Options and enable AUTO START ON BOOT.
This option automatically apply the PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK settings when phone is rebooted by the user.

Android random reoot fix   fix random reboot

This method fixed random reboot problem in my Mi3 which is on CyanogenMod 11 ROM.

Hope this method works for you guys too. Any problem related to above method?? Just drop it in the comment sections below we will provide support ASAP.

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  1. Rajesh punuri Reply

    My mobile is xiaomi redmi 2 and i install nexus 10.4 rom i have the problem with the rom gets ramdom reboot problem …and i tried partial wake lock but the prbolem was same…not solved by this method…please give me perminent solution for random reboot

    • Did you find any solution because I’m using the same phone and same rom and the same issue

  2. I have restart problem in my lenovo zuk z1 then what mean by rooted devices?

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