WonderFox DVD Video Converter Review | Simple yet Powerful

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What is DVD Video Converter?

DVD Video Converter allows you to rip the content of a DVD or CD and store it into your computer. It can also convert video into number of formats like MP4, MKV, AVI etc. In addition to this you can also convert video for specific devices like XBOX 360, Window phones, PSP etc.

Ripping a DVD generally means digitally extracting the content of a CD or DVD and storing it on a computer’s hard disk. It is different from simply copying a disk, in ripping the file is copied and saved in different format allowing the file to be more accessible.                                                                                                                                                                                            

It supports 1080p Full HD video conversion. DVD Video Converter also allows you to download videos from YouTube or other sources allowing you to download 10 videos simultaneously. Videos can be downloaded in resolutions like 4K, 1080p, 720p etc.

How does it work?

DVD Video converter is fairly easy to use even for a beginner. The user interface is embedded with step wise instructions to guide you through the conversion process. Just choose any one of the three input method (See images for better info). You can either load a file from your hard drive, download a video file from YouTube or other websites or select a DVD source.DVD Video converter

The next step is to choose the output format. There is a wide variety of formats like MOV, AVI, MP4 etc. You can even select a particular device for which you want to convert the video for a better experience. There are number of products categorized under different brands like Microsoft, Sony, Apple etc.

DVD Video converter

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Here we are at the Final step, see it’s that simple. The last step is to choose the output folder. Once done just hit the Run button. Conversion will start and the converted video will be stored to the destination (output) folder. You can also select multiple input files to convert simultaneously. There is a merge option which will merge all the input files into one single video.DVD Video converter

Additional Feature

Audio Converter

Video conversion is just one aspect of the DVD Video Converter. There are number of other features. One of the feature is to convert video into audio. It is a lossless audio codec and support to extensive audio formats like DTS, MP3, WAV etc. The process is simple, just select the desired video and choose audio formats in Output format option.

DVD Video converter

Video Editor

You can also perform basic video editing before converting a video. Once you select the input video for conversion, you will notice an EDIT tab on the right. To begin with there are a number of filters to choose from. You can also trim your video, flip it or take a snapshot. Once you are done with the editing you can start the conversion process.

DVD Video converter

Ringtone Studio

Ringtone studio allows you to create ringtones for iOS and Android. Select the desired audio file and clip the desired portion. Choose either you want it as a Phone ringtone or SMS ringtone and hit SAVE as simple as that. I personally found this option as a nifty addition, because who doesn’t want the latest hit drops as their ringtones?

DVD Video converter

Custom Settings

There is a Settings tab at the bottom right corner which provides additional customization options for both video and audio. For video these features include changing the aspect ratio, changing the frame rate, changing resolution etc. For audio there are options like Channel, bit rate, sample etc. You can customize and save these settings and save them for using again.

DVD Video converter

Help and Troubleshooting

Help Center is available which provide Online Tutorials for all the features of the software. Under Option there are several settings which can be altered like Picture Enhancement, CPU Priority etc.

Final Thoughts

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is an easy to use software with simple user interface guiding the user around the different aspects of the software. There are plenty of formats and devices to choose from. Added features like video editor, audio converter etc makes it an all-in-one software to finalize your video for a rich experience. So download DVD Video Converter and pack away your bulky DVD cases.

The free version allows only 5 minutes conversion of the video however  there is no limit on number of videos you convert.

Here is a list of what makes this software more special.

  • Up to 50X faster conversion with 0% Quality Loss.
  • Unique Decryption Technology.
  • Add subtitles or remove subtitles.
  • Remove Copy Protections.
  • Back up Scratched DVD.
  • Intuitive and Multilingual User Interface.


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