Best Photo Editing Apps on Android

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Camera technology in smartphones is getting advanced considerably with every generation. Visible advancement can be seen as point-and-shoot cameras are already replaced by smartphones. While Dual-Camera setup is becoming a new trend in smartphone camera industry, often users want some extra touching in their shots either to remove unwanted objects, filters, adjusting brightness or contrast etc. Since there are thousands of image editing apps, choosing the best app for editing is often difficult. Here are 6 image editing apps for android which are easy to use based on my personal experience.

1- Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor



Toolwiz is a must have image editing app. It includes almost all the editing options including Prisma filters. Exposure, White Balance, Levels, Exposure, Threshold etc are some of the editing features. Beauty options include Red-eye removal, Face Slimming, Body Slimming etc and not just these there are tons of other editing features. Toolwiz is a single stop for all your editing problems.

2- Camera 360


Camera 360 too consists of a number of editing features but 360 is also a camera app which can be used for clicking images with live filter display. Choose you filter and bam, just point and shoot. My personal favorite is the Sky filters. As you can see in the image, the sky above the golden temple has been changed using these filters. Using these filters properly will result in gorgeous looking photos. Other filters, beauty camera and stickers are equally good.

3- Snapseed


Snapseed is a photo editor by Google which is capable of opening RAW DNG files on the go. RAW editing includes 8 different controls for editing. Other features include healing, white balance, perspective, image tuning etc. UI is smooth, easy to use and is capable of creating professional looking photos on your smartphone.

4- YouCam Perfect – Selfie Camera


YouCam is most common among selfie lovers. Those of you who don’t know, YouCam is a selfie camera with lots of filters. Features like Wave to click or Face detection and beauty options are the attraction here. It also includes an editor for extra touch up required later. Some of the features are the Acne remover, Taller, Blush, Skin Tone etc. Upto 6-image unique collage can be created. Need Gorgeous looking selfies on the go, Try YouCam.

5- Cymera


Cymera is one of the most easy to use editor as well as a camera app. Camera part of the app include 7 unique and fascinating camera lenses like divide, fisheye and more. Other features are Anti-Shake, Timer, Touch Shooting etc. Editing part include all the basic features like brightness and contrast adjustment, saturation, sharpen etc with special beauty features like Body Shaping, Big-Eye, Smile, Softening, Whitening etc. Collage can also be created using cymera. For quick editing Cymera is worth a try.

6- PhotoDirector Photo Editing App


PhotoDirector includes some professional editing features like adjusting HSL slider and RGB color channel in your photos. All these features along with basic editing features and filters when used properly create phenomenal looking photos. Photos can also be captured using this app with live filters and other features like touch to shot, wave to shot etc.


This is my personal list of Photo editing apps based on different factors like ease of use, features etc. Feel free to drop you experience in the comments below.


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