Which Tv To Buy?(A Complete guide)

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While going out to purchase a new TV, we nowadays find it difficult thinking which one to go for. We finally end up landing in front of a TV and a seller who exclaims out each one of the product is the best available at his/her shop and mess up our made choices by confusing us by lots of technical terms. But today I am going to discuss each point what you should keep in mind while you are out purchasing one for yourself, clearing out each of the technical terms you should be aware of. Starting from

Which Screen to buy?

You might be aware of the terms HD, Full HD, 4K, 3D etc and the differences between their price range, but the question is that which one to pick?

HD :- 

It is an abbreviation of the term ‘high definition‘. Simply a synonym for the term ‘high resolution‘ which means that the screen tagged as ‘HD‘ has more pixels in its screen leading to a clear picture of the contents which will be playing on the screen. The HD screen has 1280×720 resolution that is known as 720p.
While browsing for TV at the shops or online you may also find its written as ‘HD ready tv‘ they both means the same. If your sole purpose is just watching HD cable channels and HD(aka 720p) movies then HD screen is the perfect suit for you.

FHD :-

Stands for ‘full HD‘ Tv. The screen that is offering you FHD dislplay has 1920×1080 resolution that is 1080p. It is way more clearer and color reproductive than the HD one (screen size varies though). If your purpose of buying the Tv is for playing high end games via xbox, play station 3(and above) or to watch blu-ray movies then screen with FHD display is what you are looking for.

3D :-

3D screens are 2 of their kind, which is Active 3D and Passive 3D. Active 3D uses battery operated shutter glasses. While passive one uses inexpensive polarized glasses, the same what you get at the movie theaters while you go out for a 3D movie. So for the user convenience going for a passive one is a better option.

4K :-

This one is the top among all of the display having 3840×2160 aka 4k resolution. The picture quality in 4k screens are very crystal clear, bright, sharp and has edge cutting display. Screen termed as UHD (Ultra High Definition) also falls under this category(ie. same). Its not that consumer friendly as the prices are way too high as compared to all the above mentioned displays.
Smart Tv Or A 3D?

Sometimes the strength of our budget doesn’t allows us to buy a complete Smart 3D led TV. So in such cases what we should go for? Buying just a normal led TV with 2 USB port and one HDMI slot doesn’t seems to be a good choice. Either opt for 3D or Smart in such cases. Now we have to make a choice between the 3D and the Smart! due to the scarcity of 3D contents and its huge file sizes to download for, it doesn’t turns out to be a good deal going for the 3D, here opting for a Smart one with at least 2 Hdmi ports will be in handy! Smart Tv has lot more features like screen mirroring, portable remote App for your smartphones, Skype calling facilities etc! So buying a good SMART TV will be the better suit for you in a nutshell.

(Still if you want to pick the 3D one, then choose one that supports all the formats played via USB devices. Take a USB device with 3D content in it with you, and try to play on it in the demo before making the final purchase.)

Which brand should I pick?

Yeah, its true that each brand offers its own unique features. Phillips, LG & Panasonic uses the IPS (in plane switching) panels which is much stronger and have good viewing angles. Your smartphones commonly comes with an IPS display, which doesn’t breaks that much easily with small jerks and falls. Other manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba etc uses TN(twisted nematic) displays which is the common and the oldest technology out there. TN displays are good for gaming purpose as the Fps(frame per second) is more as compared to the IPS screens. So the choice is totally yours which brand to pick. After sale services should be kept in mind too.

What mistakes are commonly made while purchase?

Before owning one, many of us gets confused figuring which screen size to pick?. Don’t pay extra for the FHD displays for the screen size of 32 inch or below! Our eyes can’t make out that much difference between a FHD and HD display under the screen size of 32 inch, so in that case opt for the HD LED Tv. If you are selecting screen size of more than 32 inch then you should choose for the FHD displays.
– Buy one with at least of 2 Hdmi ports as HD cable set up boxes requires one Hdmi port by default, then it turns up difficult to attach your other devices if the Tv has only a single Hdmi port.
– Buy one with at least 2 USB ports, (some Tvs today has 3 USB ports one for the Ext Hardrives).
– Don’t get ever fooled by the sellers, make your own choice.
– Ask for extended guarantee (if any available).The more wiser you will SHOP the less costlier it would be. Don’t compromise with your own personal satisfaction. If you are still confused, then just drop your questions under the comments section or in Techulk Support form, I will be happy to help you.

All the best mates for a nice buy!!!

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