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No matter what time of the year it is, the old game titles a person owns always stays deep within his/her heart. Titanfall 2 is from one of the best game of 2016 developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Exclusively made available for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. My cramps for playing the very title rushed in and I thought to install the Titanfall 2 on my PC. Since the game was initially developed for the windows 7 and 8, I was 100% sure that there will be some issues with Windows 10.

Being highly skeptical, I ran the game after downloading it from Origin client. I was able to run the game however the game kept running in a small screen/window. I did perform some troubleshooting steps and was able to fix it right away. Go through all the steps in order to fix your game to be played in full screen,

Repair the game

Titanfall 2 winodowed mode fix
Repairing the game is the traditional way to deal with the games installed through the Origin client application. What repairing the games in Origin does is, it verify the files installed on your system and download any new patches of the game (if available). The steps for repairing the game Titanfall 2 are as follows:

• Launch Origin application
• Make sure that you are logged in to your correct EA account under which you have redeemed the game codes.
• Go to My Game Library
• Locate your game The Sims 4 and right click on the game tile and select the option “Repair”, it will repair the game and start verifying the files over the network.


Exit Discord App | Titanfall 2 windows mode fix

Discord is widely used by gamers all over the world for exchanging texts, videos, images, and audio for communication. It is a freeware application which uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and is widely available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and web browsers.

If the Discord application is installed (especially on the Windows Platform) double check if the application is running in the background or not. Keep in mind that you have exited the application before running Titanfall 2. Discord functions similar to the applications like Skype and Origin client, which keeps running even when you click the red cross/close icon. Also, there is an option to disable it from keep running when windows boot each time. So to exit Discord:

• On the bottom right there is an upward arrow option (called as the taskbar notifications area).
• Once you left click on that there will be a discord logo.
• Right-click on the discord logo and you can exit it there or disable boot at the start.

Tweaking up Origin Client Settings

Step 1: In Game Settings


First, launch the game using the launcher Icon (not from Origin Client). Head to the In-Game Video Settings. Then select the Display Mode as Windowed under the HUD options.

Step 2: Game Properties


• Log in to your Origin application using your EA account under which you have redeemed the game codes.
• Navigate to Game Library and click the Titanfall 2 Game tile.
• It will bring up a sidebar with options. Click on the settings gear right next to the orange Play button.
• Left click on “Game Properties” and navigate to “Advanced Launch Options” tab present right next to the cloud saves tab.
• Under the “Advanced Launch Options“, add -noborder -window in the Command line arguments field.
• Hit Save and done.

If following the above methods didn’t fix the issue, please let us know in the comment section down below. Also feel free to drop your queries regarding the topic on our Contact Us form and social network portals. We will be happy to help you, and it’s free of cost. Like our page on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay connected. Happy Gaming!

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