The Sims 4 Cheat Window Not Opening | Finally Fixed!

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The Sims 4, is the fourth part of the world’s best life simulation game. Developed by The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts. The game is available exclusively on Mac and Microsoft Windows platform. My sister indeed is a huge fan of the very game. However, she was having some trouble opening up the cheat-window or the console to put her cheats on. The key combination to bring up the default cheat-window is Ctrl + Shift + C however after pressing the keys together she was unable to bring up the console.

There are endless possibilities that could block the cheat window like an entire different program restricting the application in the background etc. I am listing out all the possible fix for this weird scenario, either one will be applicable to your case too. Also, these listed fixes are applicable to The Sims 3 as well. Follow and cross check with your game in order to bring up your lost cheat-console, so let’s start with the possible workarounds to fix the issue:

The Right keys?

  • Sometimes pressing the Ctrl + Shift + C won’t work on some Mac OS versions especially with the Yosemite 10.10. In such cases, you can try pressing the
    Shift + Ctrl + C key combo.
  • On the other hand with some of the Windows PC users, the combination CTRL + ALT + C works outstandingly well. So please do check hitting the right keys, to see if it works.

Look for the Apps running in the background!

Many computer applications even after when you hit the close button keeps running in the RAM. Like for example the Origin client or a Skype application. There is a way to “exit or quit” those apps to manually close such applications.

Also, there are a handful of screenshot/screen-recording applications like Gyazo, Camtasia etc, that use the same key combo to trigger the screenshots or recordings. Make sure all the applications are closed/exited before launching your game.

Here are some applications that you can check if it’s running in the background: Skype, Time Machine, Camtasia/Gyazo/(Any other screen capture program)

Note: The screen capturing utilities (especially Gayazo) set to auto capture images when Ctrl + Shift + C is pressed. Change the configuration in Gayazo Settings to any other keys other than Ctrl + Shift + C. The same goes with the other screen recording or capturing software.

Repair the game

The Sims 4 cheat window fix | Repair Game Origin

Repairing the game is the traditional way to deal errors with the games installed using the Origin client application. What repairing the games in Origin does, is it verfies the files installed on your system and download any new patches of the game (if available). The steps for repairing the game The Sims 4/3 are:

  • Launch Origin application
  • Make sure that you are logged in to your correct EA account under which you have purchased the very game.
  •  Go to My Game Library
    (Locate your game The Sims.)
  • Right click on the game tile and select the option “Repair”, it will repair the game and start verifying the files over the network.

Didn’t get it to work? Here are some extra steps for you:

Especially for the Windows 10 users, there is a possibility that the Sticky Keys might be interfering with the very game functions. To make it fix,

  • Go to Control Panel and from there and navigate to Ease of Access Center. (Windows 7,8,8.1)
  • Open up Start menu and write “sticky keys” and it should find “Turn on easy access keys”. (Windows 10)
  • From there make sure “Turn on Sticky Keys” is turned off.

Still, not able to bring up the lost cheat window of your game?. No problems, please feel free to comment it down below. We will try to respond back to your comments at the earliest. Also if you want us to contact you regarding the matter you can submit your request on our Contact Us form. Cuz We love to fix things! Happy Gaming!

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  1. Hi there! I’ve been viewing your post regarding sims cheats not working. I have tried using every combo imaginable to open the cheat bar and nothing works. I have repaired the game many times. I have no background apps running and do not have Gayazo. I have been struggling with this for almost 8 months now and am so frustrated. Please please please help
    Also, I am using MAC with Catalina 10.15.4

    • Hi Katie, apologies for the late reply. Did you try contacting the folks at They have resolutions for literally everything. By the sounds of your comment, it looks like you are having a MacOS version issue. Thanks.

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