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What was TekTek?

TekTek was one of the most popular names in avatar makers and was one of the most visited sites by anime avatar creators on the Internet before being suspended. It was also known as the famous Gaia dream avatar maker.

It was a fantastic website to create avatars online in the most imaginative way. The website offered its users amazing tools for designing cartoons, avatars, and anime.

The users had the bonus point of not having to download anything. Overall, It had all the possible resources for a very quick and impressive result.

Why TekTek is gone now?

Unfortunately, TekTek is no longer available on the internet. The reason for the shutting down of the website is assumed to be some kind of violation of copyright rules and not updating the site in reference to that. Therefore, they were forced to take down the website.

So, here we are, with some well-researched websites that work well for avatar making, however, might be somewhat different from TekTek. Let’s check them out. We are quite sure that they will leave you satisfied, with what you need.

1. HeroMachine

HeroMachine Homepage on a laptop screen


First on our list is Hero Machine. It is the most advanced alternative for TekTek when it comes to creating amazing illustrations for your comic book or social media handles.

It has all known resources for creating avatars that looks super professional super-hero characters.

The software has nothing to do with your sketching skills. You can create your dream character anytime anywhere very easily.

Hero Machine is available in four different versions. Two are free and online and the remaining two are paid and need to be downloaded.

2. Doll Divine

Doll Divine homepage on a laptop screen


Next on our list is Doll Divine. This is the best website for all those who are huge fans of designing some amazing dolls.

“Dollars” of all ages can use this website. You can create beautiful illustrations by styling your doll in fairy and ethnic outfits.

The tools are pretty to use that help you show off your creativity. The dolls are saved automatically using a built-in saving mechanism and you can print them as well.

Some amazing facts: The website has some interesting principles. They do not promote racial discrimination. They don’t set any ‘default’ race. The user can start with randomized features. Hence, it respects all the creators and spreads the message,

“Equal beauty across all races”.

3. Gaia Avatar Maker

Gaia Avatar Maker website on a laptop screen


This website is well known for gaming and entertainment. Recently people started to notice its numerous outstanding features of customizing avatars and other illustrations.

An official announcement was made about Gaia Avatar maker which said, “Every member can create their own virtual character and dress it up with over five thousand items: clothes, accessories, pets, masks, and just about anything else imaginable.”

Since then, the website is a hit among avatar makers. The website never forgets to remind its users to become registered members in the community before using copyrighted materials.

4. Neopets

Neo Pets a tektek alternative website on a laptop screen


Neopets is an old avatar-making website that started in 1999 and offers its services in Portuguese, French, German, China, and Spanish. The website is extremely easy to use and helps you to create beautiful illustrations within some minutes only.

The design and tools are customized for a user-friendly experience. The only thing you need to do is to create an account on the website to access all the services and tools offered by them.

Apart from all this, creating an account means you will enjoy this website as much as we do as it has many entertainment activities like shopping, free games, and shopping auctions.

5. DoppelMe

Doppleme Homepage Tektek Alternatives


DoppelMe is a great TekTek alternative if you want a free tool to create a cool graphical avatar of yourself, your friends, family, or anyone you know.

The avatar formed can be used as an avatar in your social media handles, instant messenger, blogs, and almost anywhere else on the web. You can enable your readers to use their DoppelMe avatars when commenting on your pages.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of avatars users can create and you can download and save the avatar to your PC (save as .GIF or .PNG). You can also request and order high-resolution prints for your created avatars.

It is extremely user-friendly. The website does not require any Flash, ActiveX controls, downloads, or toolbars. Just your browser and you are enough. So, go for it and enjoy it!


Recolorme homepage on a laptop screen

Website: is a free community that is solely made for customization of avatars using some resources purchased with currency earned through posting in the forums, playing mini-games, etc.

The website belongs to Tekton, which was the creator of and is a very young website. Users can use the tools by simply registering themselves in the community.

Although the website is used to design avatars, it is not recommended for children as it allows the posting of pornographic content. However, it is definitely amazing for adults who enjoy avatar forums.

The website is working on itself to replace TekTek and grab a high position with its successful operations.

7. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga a tektek alternatives


Here comes a little different website for your avatar creation- FaceYourManga. You can either create your own customized avatar out of your imagination on this website or can buy one.

Another bonus point of this website is that the avatars created are of extremely good quality as they are in high definition. This makes your avatars look much more professional and eye-catching than other websites.

Although FaceYourManga allows users to create their face only, the great variety of tools to mix and match will leave you amazed and satisfied at it. The website is also very safe and legit for adults as well as children.

8. Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker Homepage on a laptop


Avatar Maker is a very straight-forward website that does what it claims, i.e., making avatars in no time.

No extra efforts are needed, everything can be seen on the screen itself and you can easily find all the features. The avatars can be downloaded in Vector format, apart from the standard PNG format.

The avatars made by you can be simply downloaded in 200×200 pixels and 400×400 pixels options which are considered as the standard dimensions online for profile pictures.

It also has an option to upload the avatar online directly to Gravatar, allowing it to synchronize across all the Gravatar accessing third-party websites. You can go for this website if you are not into the fancy world and prefer simple and professional avatars.

9. Cartoonify

Cartoonify a tektek alternative website on a laptop screen


Cartoonify has an interface that is similar to Avatarmaker but is much faster than it. Although Avatar Maker is more professional, Cartoonify has a faster processing speed and it can be seen when you make changes in anime’s features.

It offers its users more significant dimensions such as 600×600 pixels for download, apart from the standard PNG and Vector formats.

Also, one more advantage of this website is that doesn’t annoy its users with unnecessary intrusive ads as compared to other websites.

10. Small Worlds

Smallworlds website on a laptop screen


Last on our list is small worlds, it doesn’t seem as small as its name seems to be. It has a wide range of tools that can be used for decorating, paint, sculpt and sketch your dream world.

With its innovative tools, your art looks more colorful than ever. Its tremendous customization options offer you to customize your avatar in numerous ways.

The user-interface is quite welcoming and colorful to attract anyone and helps in easily accessing your favorite tools.

Your dream world is never a dream with the amazing features of Small World. Try it and you will get to realize it for sure.

Closing Thoughts

The list ends here. We have carefully picked and presented the Top 10 alternatives for TekTek here. Some of the websites may not have the option to download the avatars.

In that case, you can simply take a screenshot of your avatar without compromising the quality of the image

The websites we have shared with you will give you a similarly exciting experience as Tektek while you carve your wild imagination.

Do let us know in the comment section about your experience with these websites. Also, don’t hesitate to share your valuable suggestions with us.

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