How to add contact us page in blogger

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Before going to the answer of HOW TO?, lets discuss what all are those advantages of having a contact us page on a blog?

It provides a medium to get in touch with the visitors and with the author of the blog.
Some visitors finds it much more comfortable discussing their problems or questions personally than commenting it in the comment section.
While applying for AdSense the contact page falls under one of the necessary pages to have on the blog.
Provides much more professional look to the blog.
 Reflects how much serious you are towards blogging and with the visitors.
So lets start with the steps,
how to create contact us form in blogger


Step 1: Sign into your blogger account.
Step 2: Then in a new tab open
Step 3: Here you will be able to customize the whole forum according to your own taste.
Step 4: You can also add an Email link feed also with the form, such that whomever try to contact you via your contact page, jotform will redirect the contents towards your mail id.
Step 5: After customizing everything just hit the ‘Embed‘ option and choose your blogging platform (ie. blogger) and copy the codes.(as shown in the image)
Step 6: Move to your blogger account and on the left side click ‘Pages’ then add a new page.
Step 7: Switch it to ‘HTML‘ mode (present at the right side of ‘Compose‘) and paste those codes in the blank page.
Step 8: Now just simply publish it giving Contact Us title and view your page.Its done!! isn’t it that easy? now you have a contact us page that will help your readers to connect you whenever they want. Our contact form is Techulk Support.
That’s all for today Happy Blogging.

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