Error executing updater binary in zip [fix]

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Many of us have their hobbies to flash different Rom(s) available one by one depending on the mood, same as I do. But recently while flashing Miui v6 on Xiaomi Redmi 1s, it gave me this Error executing updaerror executing binary in zip fixedter binary in zip” error in the recovery while flashing as shown in the given image. Now after this error you can’t boot back obviously as you wiped everything before the flashing.

Lots of people misinterprets thinking that it is encountered because of the Rom they had downloaded & flashed on their devices might be the wrong one, but its not like that. I’ve seen this error mostly with the Team Win Recoveries(TWRPs) , so let me help you with this thing step by step that how you can avoid this error and get your device flashed properly.
So lets begin,

What all we need before flashing any Rom?

1. A complete nandroid backup of the Rom that was running on the device.

2. You can backup your Rom in the recovery under the ‘backup’ option. It will create a backup of your whole system on your external SD card.

3. If you failed to create the backup of the Rom or you don’t have the backup and the error occurred, then at least you should have the zip file of any working custom Rom of your device in the storage (external/internal).

Now lets suppose ‘Rom1‘ as the stock Rom(or any working custom Rom of your device) and ‘Rom2‘ will be the Rom that you flashed and got the error.

Our common steps for flashing any custom Rom(s) are,

Step 1:- Go to recovery.

Step 2:- Go to Wipe>>Advanced wipe.

Step 3:- Check data, system, cache & dalvik cache and then swipe to wipe all.

Step 4:- Then go to install zip from SD card and browse the Rom and install it.

Step 5:- Reboot the device.

Same as the above steps I flashed the Rom on the device and encountered the error in the recovery. So what I did to flash the Rom2 correctly after the error was,

Step 1:- I flashed the Rom1 again by the same methods followed above.

Step 2:- Then  without following Step 2 & Step 3 (that is not wiping the data & system from the Advanced wipe).

Step 3:- I just only did the factory reset & the dalvik cache wipe instead, from the Wipe menu.

Step 4:- After that flashed the Rom2 which gave me the updater binary error before and it got flashed completely without the error.

Step 5:- Then I rebooted the device and it booted on the system successfully.

Update: You can just only hit the “Factory Reset” before flashing the ROM to pass the error instead.
Also make sure that you are using the latest version of TWRP recovery available for your respective devices.

That’s it, if still the error stays then maybe the issue will be of the ROM only what you are flashing, but this method worked for me. As complete system wipe sometimes leads to the flashing error. Still you are getting the error again and again then stay relaxed and comment below I will work for you and find the solution for your device asap when I’ll get time.

Good luck. Stay connected to tecHulk.

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  1. OMG! THX SO MUCH! I’ve been searching this for soooo long. It took hours with no solution but finally you managed this for me! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. Recommendation:
    Before installing those lineages copy a original stock rom zip of your device on the sd-card.
    It can be tricky to find it.

  3. How do you do a factory reset from the Wipe Menu…..there is no option ….

    • Shravan Das Reply

      Hello Maneesh, when you tap “wipe”, down below under the Advanced Wipe & Format Data options you will find swipe to “Factory Reset”.

  4. I am tired of this error and cannot find a solution to the problem. So, I decided to flash cwm recovery. All of you can try flashing the rom using cwm recovery.


  5. Kumar Abhishek Reply

    thanks a lot man… you can’t even imagine what a brilliant help you were

  6. M usin honor 7 n i got error as could not find meta inf binary update…wt i hvto do…help me

  7. Bro my device is symphony w125 which is rebrand of xolo q800 and iq fly 446
    I want to install a custom rom in it
    I am using twrp – FULL SELINUX SUPPORT ( For Kitkat ROMz ) -STABLE – By Shikhar A
    I want to install miui 6 5.7.9
    I tried to install it but “error executing updater binary in zip”
    Shows and install fails.
    I have tried your method but it didn’t worked.
    Now how can i fix this error.

    • Hi friend my mobile installing twrp and robot but not boot on normal system can you help me Mobile xolo one hd

  8. Hy bro i have same prblm of binary in micromax unite 2,this method is also not working on it please hlep me. I have downloaded moore than 4 Roms still not of use

    • Shravan Das Reply

      Hey Aj!! Make sure that you are using the latest version of TWRP recovery available for flashing the ROM!!

  9. My nokia X2 Rm-1013(059V782) stuck at nokia logo after roebooting.I have no backup of stock ROM kindly help me get any stable ROM for my device or the stock ROM anyhwow.. I tried flashing CM13 it gave error updating binary.. can you please provide me the stock ROM for this device or any custom ROM

  10. first sry for my bad english. vivek as you said edit mean, Rename? can you explain? my device is Samsung Galaxy S duos 2 (GT-7582)

  11. If you have stuck into this updater-binary error,Follow this steps carefully.
    =>First Mount /system ,/cache /data partitions.
    =>wipe anything
    =>turn the zip file verification off and flash this zip again
    =>if nothng works, try this
    =>unzip this flashfile
    =>goto META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script,edit this and replace your phone model HW ID and platform
    =>now save this and check this updater-script for errors usin g dsixda’s awesome kitchen
    =>note down errors in this script,correct this errors and save .then repack your flashable zip and
    goto recovery ,wipe cache,dalvik cahe,factory reset,and install your zip,
    =>i hope it will work for you.

    • thapa bjoy Reply

      while i goto META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script,edit this
      its show #dummy file; update-binary is a shell script
      please can you help me

      • My problem is the same. and i tried. its show #dummy file; update-binary is a shell script. did you find any solution?

  12. I tried Install cm12.1 on motorola razr i xt890 and getting error that update error I do all things that U advise above now what can I do to Install cm12.1.. I really needed this

  13. I'm using zenfone 5 a501cg t00f 1.6 ghz and have custom rom installed on my phone ,i tried installing cm12.1 and resurrection remix5.5.9 build 7.3 both shows the same "update binary error" while flashing" and now i'm using custom rom lollipop available for phone pls help me regarding the problem mentioned above.

    • Check if there is any new version of TWRP recovery available for your device, if yes then first update your recovery and then flash the ROM(s) again.

  14. Hi all. I too have tried installing the CM 11 (kitkat 4.4.4) ROM multiple times on my Nokia X2 Dual Sim but get same error message. I rebooted and did factory reset/dalvik/cache wipe but still no show. I am using TWRP (i believe this is the latest)which is in the Advanced Nokia X2 tool. I re-installed the original ROM which had been backed up and retried all over and still kept getting the error msg. Any advice please?

  15. Please another thing is i downloaded a game of Brothers in arms from play store but the graphics looks green on my redmi note 2 running custom flyme Rom. Please is there any way you could help me to fix that? I'll be very grateful if you oblige. Thanks TECHULK!!!!!!

    • Thank you very much @Stevalos555, its a pleasure to hear back from our beloved visitors. Mail the screenshots of the problem at with the link of the thread from where you downloaded the Flyme ROM!!!
      Happy Flashing!!

  16. Thanks, it worked for me! Just did as you said and voilla!…Thanks sooooo much Techulk, you are really good at what you are doing!!!

  17. didnt work for me. i have the error: could not detect fi;esystem for dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system, assuming ext4
    mount: failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system at /system: No such a file or directory
    unmount of /system failed; no such volume
    E:Error executing updater binary in zip

    • Place the downloaded ROM's zip file in a separate folder of your external SD card. Then perform a "factory reset" only (no data, system wipe from advance) after that browse for the ROM zip file to flash. Also do make sure that you are using latest version of twrp recovery & the downloaded zip file is not broken.

  18. Hi i tried all the steps with 3 different ROMS. but i am still getting the error.

    Current ROM which is working is'pure aosp lollipop test 13' for Xperia S. I am able to install this ROM. but when i try to install ucyan lollipop rom or kit kat rom m getting the error 'Error executing updater binary in zip'.

    i tried this multiple times but still not working.

    i am using TWRP recovery latest version.

    Please help

  19. hello, am using moto x 1st gen xt1052. and i got a system update. i phone is rooted. as i gave to install the update it went to recovery and stoped installing. when i reboot it goes into system and after 2mins it will resart to recovery. as it continues i wipe dalvik cache and everything.

    i dont have a backup of scock rom too. i tried may zips of moto x but ended up in this error…. error updating binary.. my phone is moto x 2013 XT1052… please help me thanks in advance…. my email id is

  20. Guys.. I got struck at unlocked boot loader. Flashed TWRP on 5.1 ( GB retail rom). And its not booting now and not able to flash any rom.. kindly Help…!!!

  21. Hi,
    I have a MOTO X 2013 GSM India. I am not able to start my phone. When I boot my phone I get the unlock bootloader screen. When I try to install a ROM I get the "Error executing updater binary in zip" . But when I install Gapps they are installing. Please help.

    • Hello Nimesh, maybe the problem is with the Rom you are flashing with. Try using another Rom and see if the error shows up or not. If still error arises then you can feel free to contact me at

    • Hi,
      I have a Huawei Honor Holly India. I am not able to start my phone. When I boot my phone I get the unlock bootloader screen. When I try to install a ROM I get the "Error executing updater binary in zip", Using another rom but still error arises
      please help me with clear procedure

  22. dont need of installing rom 1 again just wipe cache , dalvik cache , system and data .. then reboot works well

  23. Hi i have tried all the steps as you advised. But failed. I was trying on my MI3 in duel boot mode. TWRP gave two error. 1-binary error 2-unable to mount /system. please advice. Thanks in advance.

    • I think its failed because of the dual boot thing, that is why after flashing its unable to mount the system on your second partition. Try to Flash that ROM which was previously working on the second system and then do a factory reset. After that flash the Rom that gave the error, also before rebooting to the system do a "dalvik cache wipe" too.
      Thanks and good luck!

  24. Im geetting No OS Installed and I'm not able to flash any stock firmware on my moto e .. What can I do? Please Help!

    • Hello Saathvik,
      If you are getting the error then this means that you are able to boot into your twrp recovery,
      search for any custom Rom for your device and place it in your storage and then boot into the recovery again,
      >>Select Wipe/Advance Wipe/check (dalvik, cache, system and data) and swipe to wipe them.
      >> Select Install zip from SD card and then browse for the custom Rom that you've downloaded and flash it.
      The problem will get fixed.
      Thanks for dropping by stay relaxed!

  25. i have tried all this but its get failed and now my mobile is shoing NO OS INSTALLED. just mi logo is showing . what to do now ? i tried again to install rom in twrp but again it just failed giving the same error

  26. Hi i did all the steps but i am confused because i dont have mount and storage option. THere is a mouunt option , and a wipe option

    • Hello Pranay, yeah mount and storage option is in CWM recovery! In Team win recovery there is wipe option only, you don't wipe the system and data in the recovery (in advance section) just only do the factory reset and flash your rom which was giving you the error.
      good luck

      • Installing is completed and it asked to reboot then then I click on that,then isn’t work…my mobile is not working what can do sir?

        • Shravan Das Reply

          Hello MK,
          flash your stock ROM to restore back in working state!! 🙂

          • Sakthivel Murugan Reply

            ive Moto g4 Plus Mobile.Ive TWRP recovery tool also.But unfortunately i wiped out everything.when im try to reboot its saying
            “No OS Installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot ?”..
            Please help with it..

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