5 Best WayBack Machine Alternatives

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Wayback Machine is one of the best-known tools for Digital marketers but people are still looking for Wayback Machine alternatives.

If you are unaware of what it is, let me break it down for you.

Wayback Machine, an initiative taken by Internet Archive (a non-profit organization), is a digital archive of the World Wide Web.

In simple words, you can see what a particular website looked like in the past using it.

However, the interesting thing here is that it also preserves the resources available on the website like PDF, Videos, Images, etc even if they are unavailable on the present version of the website.

Wayback Machine has archived over 10 billion webpages between the time period of 1996 to present which is insane.

But what about its alternatives?

Is there any other digital archive that is as good as the Wayback Machine?

Let’s find out in this article about Wayback machine alternatives.

Starting off with the very first alternative


Archive Today wayback alternative

Archive.Today is one of the best Wayback machine alternatives at the moment.

With a simple search, you will find various Snapshots of your website archived by it.

The downside here is that they are plain simple snapshots without any active element. This means that it basically stores only the screenshot of the websites.

However, you can use it to track the design and other visual changes made over the past years on a website.

Archive.Today is simple and quite easy to use with pretty much straight forward navigation.

Also, you can manually add your website to the archive by simply entering the URL in “My URL is alive and I want to archive its content”.

Check it out here – Archive.Today

UK Web Archive

UK Web Archive
UK Web Archive

As the name suggests, the UK Web Archive only saves the websites which belong to the UK.

It automatically collects millions of websites every year and preserves them in its database.

It is quite similar to the Wayback Machine in the sense that it also preserves elements like Images, Videos, etc.

So if you belong to the United Kingdom, UK Web Archive can prove a powerful Wayback machine alternative.

Use it here – UK Web Archive

Memento Time Travel

Memento Wayback Machine Alternative
Memento Time Travel

Memento is one of the best Wayback machine alternatives hands down.

Even though their database is not the biggest, it’s still quite useful when it comes to checking the Mementos of websites.

Similar to the Wayback machine and UK Web Archive, it captures snapshots of the website automatically.

Along with that, it also collects various web elements like Videos, Images, etc.

They also have a Google Chrome extension which makes it a lot easier to travel back in time and check the archived snapshots and other elements.

Check it here – Memento Time Travel



Another Wayback machine alternative is Stillio which is an automatic screenshot capturing tool.

It comes with features like setting frequency for screenshots. For eg, hour, day, week, month, etc.

Apart from it, Stillio allows multiple URLs at once. You can also share the screenshot to various cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Other features include elements hiding, custom titles, URL sharing, etc.

Use it here – Stillio


Pagefreezer Wayback machine alternative

Another Wayback alternative is Pagefreezer which is a SaaS-based service that uses crawling technology similar to what major search engines use.

It helps enterprises to capture websites, text messages, social media, mobile text messages, etc for purpose like evidence, comparison, etc.

Pagefreezer collects the content in real-time and lets you access the previously saved artifacts on demand.

They used to offer a Free Trial of the service but the option is no longer present on their website.

For more info, you can check – Pagefreezer


Well, there are some of the best Wayback Machine alternatives ( in 2020.

Each one of them has their own perks and each has its own negatives. So it all burns down to the core requirement.

Let us know which one of these Wayback alternatives you found useful.

Also, if you know another alternative worth mentioning, drop it down in the comments below.

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