When it comes to health and tech, nobody wants to compromise with it because it acts as a wealth to everyone. In earlier times, there were no devices available to monitor body functioning.

However, with the advancement in technology now, lots of devices are there to help the person to achieve the same.

The trend of smartwatches is gaining enormous popularity around, and people are dependent on these as well. They wear them and monitor their body function regularly.

If you also want yourself to get equipped with the best smartwatch and looking for an option under 10000 bucks, then this read is for only you.

Now multiple smartwatches are there, which are marking your budget requirement and marking the requirement of inbuilt technology.

Here we will be going to enlighten the features, pros, and cons of all the smartwatches under this price range and help you get the best easily.

We have taken the pain of searching for a suitable product and review them for you to save your time, picking up the best buy! So Let’s drill down:


Display & Size


1: Huami Amazfit GTS

AMOLED - 1.65 inches

2: MevoFit Race-Space

OLED - 1.25 inches

3: Honor Watch Magic

AMOLED -1.2 inches

4: NoiseFit Evolve Dusk

AMOLED -1.2 inches

5: Huawei Watch GT

AMOLED - 1.39 inches

6: Noise Colorfit Pro

IPS - 1.2 inches

7: HuamiAmazfit GTR

AMOLED - 1.39 inches

8: Noise Fit Fusion

IPS - 1.22 inches

9: Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart

AMOLED - 1.3 inches

10: Mi-band 4

AMOLED - 0.95 inches

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10 best smartwatches under 10000 – Review

Pick 1: Huami Amazfit GTS

Huami Amazfit gts best smartwatch under 10000


  • This watch is equipped with an accelerometer, Gyroscope, and PPG sensor for HR
  • This watch is water-resistant up to 5 ATM
  • GPS GLONASS sensor is also in the watch
  • The weight of the watch is 27.2 grams
  • Details about steps taken by calories burnt, active and inactive minutes are also visible on the screen

Huamiamazfit GTS is one of the best Smartwatch under the price range of 10000 Rupees. If you are the one who loves the design and aesthetics similar to Apple series 5 watches, then you can probably this is for you.

It comes up with a handful of features and lets an individual monitor their activities easily.

An individual will be able to use it during indoor cycling, walking, outdoors running, climbing, elliptical trainer, treadmill, pool swimming, etc.

The battery backup of this watch is up to 14 days. It indicates that a user can use it without any hassle for a longer duration.

  • The display is a large AMOLED display
  • This watch is waterproof
  • The design is quite stylish
  • Different colors are available in this watch
  • It comes up with a one year warranty
  • The material used for preparing the strap is not good, however, you can look for more straps that suit you the best.

Pick 2: MevoFit Race-Space

Mevo fit Activity budget best smartwatch under 10000


  • The top glass is scratch-resistant
  • Battery life is of 5 days
  • OLED touch display
  • The step count feature is embedded in it
  • The calorie count feature is also there
  • The strap is made from TPU medical-grade, which is a skin-friendly choice to have

This one is the most budget-friendly Smartwatch on this list, as the MevoFit race space is the best choice.

It not only functions as a Smartwatch, but some additional features come with it. This watch comes up with a shockproof aluminum casing that looks quite good on the wrist.

Also, the OLED display comes up with touch sensors to control the health tracking options accordingly. The size of the display is 1.6 inches, and the glass is scratch-resistant as well.

  • It provides the individual with an accurate step count
  • The watch gets syncs perfectly with phones
  • OLED display
  • The battery life is quite amazing
  • One-year warranty
  • Alarm, clock, and social app notification also get displayed
  • If you are not a type of person who loves straps with holes then it could be a letdown.
  • Screen space not utilized fully

Pick 3: Honor Watch Magic

Honor Magic Smartwatch techulk


  • This watch comes up with 11 workout modes
  • Set of 3 satellite positioning system
  • Accurate location tracking
  • It is available in two colors
  • The weight of the watch is only 31.8 grams
  • This watch is water-resistant up to 5 ATM

If you want yourself to be equipped with a stylish Smartwatch and professional, then this Honor watch magic is the best one for you to have.

It comes up at a reasonable price range when compared to normal watches. It is the kind of watch that people can wear at offices and parties and still look trendy.

Additionally, the strap is made from leather, and the case is made from stainless steel. It helps you to deal with different kinds of situations easily.

This watch has 11 workout modes and a user can set any of them accordingly.

Also, battery backup is the best feature that allows the users to enjoy the notifications for so many days without any hassle.

  • The design is quite stylish
  • It comes up with a sleep tracking feature as well
  • HR sensor work accurately
  • The battery life of the watch is up to 1 week
  • Warranty is of 6 months only
  • The size of the display might be a letdown for some

Pick 4: NoiseFit Evolve Dusk

Nosefit evolve budget smartwatch


  • The battery life of the watch is of 7 days
  • Camera and music control is there in the watch
  • The 1.2 inch AMOLED display comes up with a full touch
  • It allows the user to track their sleep cycle as well
  • It comes with an inbuilt Noisefit PEAK app

When you are looking forward to a Smartwatch which comes up with a reasonable price, then this NoiseFit evolve is the best choice for you to have.

This is yet another budget segment smartwatch on the list.  It comes up with enormous features that let you enjoy wearing this watch.

9 sports mode and users can set any of them accordingly. The best part about this watch is that it allows the user to swap the strap.

The health monitoring sensors are quite accurate, and a user will be able to get accurate results. Also, the watch is IP68 waterproof.

  • This watch is rain and sweat proof (IP68 waterproof)
  • It provides the hydration reminders
  • The design is quite stylish
  • Health tracking is quite accurate
  • A 1-year warranty is there
  • The always-on display feature is not there

Pick 5: Huawei Watch GT

Huawei watch gt best smartwatch under 10000 rupees


  • This watch comes up with the GPS and GLONASS positioning system
  • This watch will measure the pulse
  • AMOLED display
  • HR sensor is quite adequate
  • GPS sensor available is up to the mark

For all the users out there looking forward to sports Smartwatch and the enormous features, this Huawei watches GT is the best choice to have.

It comes up with a 1.4 inch AMOLED display and is water-resistant up to 5 ATM. The best part about this smartwatch is that it comes with 85 custom workout modes, which is the best choice for a fitness enthusiast.

Also, the positioning systems available are quite accurate and allow the user to have adequate results. Three colors are available in this watch including black, green, and red.

  • This watch comes with a sleek and elegant design
  • On a single charge, a user will be going to have 1 week of screen time
  • The in-built compass is also there
  • SPO2 monitoring is also offered
  • 1-year warranty
  • Price could be a bummer
  • Users reported their battery is not going over a week with a single charge

Pick 6: Noise Colorfit Pro

Noise Colorfit Pro Best Budget smartwatch under 10000 rupees


  • This watch comes up with 14 digital watch faces
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2.5D 1.2″ Colored IPS LCD
  • Camera & Music controls

This is smartwatch again from Noise is one of the best choices for all fitness enthusiasts.

It comes up with a full touch hybrid along with some analog features, and Smartwatch capabilities.

The case is made from stainless steel, and Sapphire glass somewhere resembles classic watches.

Also, the design of the watch is quite stylish, which lets users wear it comfortably anytime anywhere.

  • The design is quite stylish
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • 3 color option to choose from
  • The health monitoring sensors are quite adequate
  • Touch Response is not that much good
  • 3 Days Battery Life
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 is easily supported
  • 1.22 inch TFT LCD touch screen is there

Pick 7: HuamiAmazfit GTR                       

Huami Amazfit Gtr Best smartwatches under 10000


  • It comes with 12 sports mode
  • The watch will be able to count calories burnt, steps, live heart rate
  • 24 days battery backup is there (longest)
  • GPS sensor is quite précised
  • A user can wear it in different conditions

Huamiamazfit GTR again from huami is the best choice for all those looking forward to a watch with enormous features.

It comes up with an ultra-thin metal body along with an AMOLED display. The panel installed is bright and colorful.

A user will be able to use it in multiple conditions like direct sun indoors and other places. Additionally, the sensor installed is quite accurate, and the user will get exact results as expected.

PS: I have gifted these to my lovely sister on her birthday!

  • The build quality is solid
  • Battery life is up to the mark
  • The in-built compass is quite good
  • It is light in weight
  • AMOLED Bright display
  • The design is quite stylish
  • Many color options available
  • No cons to mention
  • If you loved the design grab it

Pick 8: Noise Fit Fusion

Noise fit fusion best smartwatch under 10000


  • This watch comes up with a heart rate monitoring sensor
  • 3 Axis acceleration sensor is there
  • Battery life is quite good
  • This watch shows the data related to distance covered, calories burnt, steps taken, and so on

This noise fit fusion hybrid Smartwatch is the best choice for all those who want the old school design and modern technology.

The looks of the watch are so amazing that a user cannot take their eyes off from it. It comes up with a 1.2 to inches capacitive touchscreen display which allowed the users to get easily notified.

The panels are quite colorful and allow the user to use it in different conditions. Our users will be able to navigate on it easily.

  • A user can wear it comfortably
  • The design is quite stylish
  • Multiple watch faces are there to choose from
  • The operating system is quite smooth
  • The size of the display is quite small
  • Not AMOLED

Pick 9: Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart

Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart best budget smartwatch


  • Battery backup is for up to 20 days
  • Son of a Gshock
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • GPS and HR monitoring quite accurate

Do you love G-shock? Or ever imagined how Casio G-shock will be if it will be a smartwatch? Yes, this is the very thought come true.

While typing this review I have it on my wrist, and to be honest, I, admire the stuff that is ruff and tuff.

Just as the name suggests T-Rex is really the toughest and to be honest the most durable smartwatches on this entire list.

With straight 20 Days Battery Life, AMOLED Display, Built-in GPS, 12 Military Certifications, Water Resistance, and a freaking 14 Sports Modes.

I crown this is the best smartwatch out there and on the list!! Not only me, but this is also the Amazon best choice as well!!

  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM
  • Sleep monitoring option
  • Always-on display feature
  • A 1-year warranty is there
  • Amoled display
  • Four different color options are also available
  • Could be a bummer if you dislike the design
  • Badboy look
  • OMG, there are no such cons just check the current price and own it!

Pick 10: Mi-band 4

Mi band 4


  • Lightweight
  • Amoled Display
  • Unlimited watch faces
  • Waterproof with Music Control

How can not review the bestselling smart band/watch by Xiaomi, I have been using the Mi bands since version 2, and thanks to the lord, it hasn’t disappointed me a single time.

With a month’s battery life and all the smart features, this is the best budget entry-level one can buy in the market.

  • 1-year warranty by Xiaomi
  • Multiple ranges of straps to pick from
  • AMOLED display
  • Come along with a standard strap
  • Easy connectivity
  • The display size is quite small and not circular
  • This is a fitness band, cannot be categorized as a smartwatch

Among all of these ten smartwatches which is the best? Our editor team crows TRex the best:

Best Product!

Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart

Editor’s Choice

1. Battery Backup: Upto 20 Days
2. Display: 1.3 inches AMOLED
3. Specs: Built-in GPS, 12 Military Certifications, Water Resistance &14 Sports Modes

Check Price on Amazon



Things to consider for buying smartwatches under 10000

Design and building quality:

Design and building quality is a primary factor of consideration.

Take a pick based on your wrist size. Additionally, the build quality will mark its durability as well.

Therefore, check on both these factors in advance and then move ahead for other features.

Battery life:

We all know that smartwatches Run according to the battery available in them.

It is a suggestion that chooses the smartwatch having a good battery life. Ever imagined the situation, someone asks you the time and you reply back “sorry the battery died on me”, for sure you don’t want to be in that situation.

Therefore, check on the battery life and then decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

Connectivity range:

Connectivity range will allow the user to know how far they can keep the device and monitor the activities.

Some smartwatches are available that work well when they are at a very short distance with a mobile phone, and some watches work longer distances.

Thus, check out the connectivity range to confuse when you wish to carry your mobile.


Check out the notification access you have with the smartwatch.

Some watches are there, which allows you to get all the notifications coming to your device.

But some watches have options for Limited notifications only.


Do not forget to pick up the watch having the heart rate sensor and GPS as well.

The heart rate sensor will let you get an idea about your heart, and GPS will track the run.

This is an ideal choice for all fitness lovers.


Compatibility is also important to consider.

Do not purchase the watch, which comes with an indication that it will get connected with your smartphone.

There are watches that are only compatible with iOS but do not work well with Android, however, if you are buying from this list then you can skip this.


Last but not the least, you need to check out the price as well.

We all know that according to price, the features will get added to the smartwatch.

Therefore be sure about the features you want in the device and get an answer for the price range.

These are the features that allow you to purchase the best smartwatch easily.

Make sure you do not compromise with any of the factors because if any of the features are missing, you will not get the desired results.


Can a user be able to make calls with a smartwatch?

Yes. A user can make calls with a smartwatch. It depends on the Bluetooth system and features available in the watch. Accepting and rejecting the call feature is also available on the smartwatch, which allows you to save time.

Will a user be able to use a Smartwatch with iPhone?

The usage of the smartwatch with the iPhone depends on the compatibility. If the watch is compatible with iOS, then a user can go ahead with it easily.

What is the accuracy of data displayed on the smartwatch?

The data display on the smartwatch is almost 95% accurate, and a user can conclude whether they are going in the right direction or not.

What is the connectivity range between the smartwatch and the smartphone?

The connectivity range depends on the Bluetooth system connectivity integrated into the smartwatch. Usually, 10 meters is the ideal connectivity range.

Which applications will a user be able to operate on the smartwatch?

The application operating on the smartwatch depends on the features embedded in it. If it is compatible with the different applications, then a user can go ahead easily.

Which display shall I pick?

I am person, who is very picky with the display. I will even during the sleep recommend picking up and OLED/AMOLED display over anything exist as a display out there.


Smartwatches are a boon to society and help people to monitor their health as well. If you also want a multi-purpose smartwatch at a reasonable price, then go through the list of watches we have mentioned above. Hope you will find the best smartwatches under 10000 that’s a perfect suit for you. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.


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