Top Best ROMs For Xiaomi Redmi 2

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Stable custom ROMs for redmi 2

It is definitely true that miui v6 is from one of the best user interface (a.k.a Rom) provided by Xiaomi for redmi 2 users. Miui v6 is kind of a beta lollipop package comprising all the bouncy animations and nice feel on top of kitkat.

We did a complete walkthrough with miui v6 discussing about all its features: [Miui version 6 complete review.]
But due to heavy usage of RAM by the OS itself only, makes the user experience quite laggy, also some problems like “Deep Kill” (killing the running apps permanently when it is removed from the recents tray, blocking from all the related ontime notifications). This issue made the users kind of miserable while using the device.
(To resolve this issue of ‘deep kill’ lock the apps by swiping it down in the recents tray.)

Note: Its always recommended to take a backup of your whole stock miui v6 ROM before playing with the other Rom(s). For making backup goto your custom CWM recovery and select the backup & restore option for backing up the Rom to your external SD card. (Before making the backup make sure that you have 1.5 to 2 GB of free storage left on your external SD card).We previously did talked about the steps for installing the custom recovery on the device here: [Complete guide for flashing cwm on Redmi 2]

So today we are going to discuss about best custom Rom’s available for Xiaomi Redmi 2, so lets simply begin,
note: The credits for the Rom(s) goes to their respective developers only, their hard work is worth an appreciation.


PacMan Rom Redmi 2 reviewPacman stands for (PAranoid Android, Aokp & CyanogenMod) which comprises of all the best features available from all of these three aosp based awesome ROM(s). The DSB (Dynamic Status Bar [from Paranoid android] ) , various security tweaks [from CyanogenMod] and all the performance tweaks available in Aokp is presented nicely under the “Pac console” section separately in the settings!! User can customize the device as per his or her own taste to any of the extent.
The Pac Rom is from among the most stable Rom available for Redmi 2 users, its almost a bug free build. The user experience is quite amazing from the day you flash and start using the Rom. The performance is really fast, smooth and most importantly lag free.
• 300-350 MB free Ram so no lag while using apps at all.
• Lots of performance tweaks in the settings.
• All the features like anywhere gesture, Active display, floating window, dynamic status bar (a.k.a DSB), Pie Controls, Halo, circular screen, over the head notifications, custom notification LED color and lots of other features everything is working.
• Very nice battery backup. (Device lasts the whole day on continues usage with the data enabled).
• Antutu Benchmarks came around to be 19097 with all the day by day apps installed (ondemand mode).
There are no certain big issues with the ROM,
• Sometimes the proximity sensors stops responding in between the calls.
• You will notice that the red LED notification light never turns off. To switch it off goto settings>>Pac console>> buttons>> turn off the backlit.
• Settings.apk crashes while entering the OTA section (Pac console) under pac settings.
Download Link: Pac ROM

CyanogenMod 11

CyanogenMod for redmi 2

Another brilliant and one of the most stable ROM available for HM2 which delivers good AOSP user experience and nice performance while playing with the device. Comparing with the PAC ROM(s) it lacks those bunch of customization options but still has default performance and other tweaks.Includes:
• 350-400 MB of free RAM (on the first flash) hence possessing lag free user experience.
• Good battery backup.
• Antutu benchmarks came out to be 20268 (with all the necessary day to day apps installed) .
• Nice caller experience.
• Less heating issue.
• Good gaming experience.
Bugs: Didn’t faced any bugs while using the device everything is pretty smooth and stable.

Download Link: CyanogenMod 11

cRdroid ROM

This ROM turns out to be the daily beast when you compare it with the Pac and the CyanogenMod ROM above. The new update of CrDroid fixed all the previous bugs and is completely stable. Bugs like Deep Sleep and non working OTG cable issue is now finally fixed. If you are from one of them who is eagerly waiting for the stable lollipop but don’t know which Rom to flash and use for little long based on Kitkat then this ROM is the best suit for you.

• All the extra toppings of the other ROM(s) like the DSB (Dynamic Status Bar), battery tweaks, performance tweaks and the Dolby Mod to increase the quality of your music.
• Antutu Benchmark Score came out to be 19034 with all the daily go apps installed.
• More than 350 MB of Ram available.
• No more heating issues.
Currently faced no issues or problems with the ROM. Its absolutely a Bug free ROM. So Don’t hesitate or cry to give it a try!! You will love it!

Download Link: cRdroid

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