10 best mechanical keyboards in India

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People who usually work as typists or gamers love mechanical keyboards. The reason behind the same is that they are fast and come with accurate switches, durability, as well as the clicking sound.

So, if you love spending most of the hours typing, gaming, or doing similar tasks buying the mechanical keyboard is more favorable when compared to other less comfortable and cheap keyboards.

Mechanical keybords are especially for the people whose hands spend most of the time on keyboards. According to Tomsguide, they are easier to clean, durable and offer tactility (less effort whilte typing) over membrane keyboards.

Editor’s Choice

Logitech G 413

  • USB Fast Technology
  • Additional USB cable
  • Brushed aluminum case

Editor’s Choice

Zebronics Zeb- Nitro

  • Integrated media control
  • Braided cable
  • Retractable stand

Editor’s Choice


  • RGB Platinum Cherry
  • 6 programmable keys
  • Brushed aluminum frame

In this article, you will come to know about some of the handpicked mechanical keyboards in India that will make your desk and keys comfortable at the same time.

10 best mechanical keyboards for gaming List

In this section, we will list the names of the top mechanical keyboards in India in 2020.




1: Logitech G213


2: HP K500F


3: Redgear MK881

Full Mechanical

4: Corsair K95

Full Mechanical

5:  Logitech G 413


6: Ant Esports MK 100


7: Zebronics Zeb Nitro


8: Corsair K68

Full Mechanical

9: Cosmic Byte GK 12


10:  TVS-e


10 best mechanical keyboards for gaming review

To know the things to keep in mind before buying a mechanical keyboard then kindly scroll down to the bottom of this article.

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Pick 1: Logitech G Prodigy G213 – Best Overall

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This is the rainbow LED backlight type of keyboard that can give enough flexibility for the multi-key to work simultaneously. So, you will get a high-speed connection that will never let you miss the single keypress. This is not a mechanical keyboard, however, it will tick all the major checklists you need for a gaming rig!

There are also user commands. It is a spill-proof designed model that can also work with the individual switches. The individual keys have the light along with the laser hollow key and digital display. Additionally, Logitech is one of the best leading brands of computer peripherals.


  • With it, you can get the availability of the USB plug and play unit
  • Eye catching RGB system
  • Windows lock button and braided wire
  • Dedicated media control let you quickly play, pause, skip and adjust the volume
  • Equipped with vibrant colors
  • Durable with nice quality membrane keys
  • Dedicated button to kill the lights
  • Perfect Software
  • Although not being a mechanical keyboard, the keys feel very responsive
  • Non-removable wrist rest
  • Limited lighting effects
  • Not a perfect mechanical keyboard

Pick 2: HP K500F gaming keyboard – Runner-up Pick

HP Mechanical Keyboard
Check Price on Amazon

This is a specially added LED-backlit type of keyboard that comes with the most dramatic keys. So, you will get the elegant look that you want. The gaming keyboard is perfect with 10 million clicks and the thick keyboard that works with a responsive key. It has good compatibility with windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10.

  • Includes elevated stand
  • Has volume control keys
  • Keystrokes are tactile
  • No braided cable

Pick 3: Redgear Invador MK881 keyboard

Redgear invador best mechanical keyboards in India
Check Price on Amazon

Redgear’s mechanical switches based keyboard gives really good tactile feedback while typing through. You will get the windows key lock along with the flow 3 keycap design. The full excellence feature with this keyboard makes it stand out.

Additionally, it is especially designed to comply with the pro-gaming tournament type setup.


  • It is fit for the low DPI Gamers or high.
  • It is easy to carry for playing games and offline tournament
  • The dramatic faster gameplay becomes a perfect choice for the professionals
  • The stylish keyboard comes with the Luminous light for the 8 different lighting modes
  • You will get every detailed matter when it comes to this mechanical keyboard
  • The long-lasting switches have their independent key switch mechanism
  • You will get the best distance for each pressure

  • Study build & includes brown switches
  • Comes with long and braided cable
  • Great for gaming as it has short key travel
  • No media control keys
  • Very less you can do with RGB lights

Pick 4: Corsair K95 RGB platinum

Corsair k95 best mechanical keyboards of india
Check Price on Amazon

This is the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame keyboard. You will get the profile storage along with the hardware macro and lighting playback.

The dynamic multicolor key backlighting along with the light edge makes it stand out. The RGB mechanical key switches-based keyboard is perfect with the keys that can also control the in-game Macro.

When you pay good price, the product never disappoint. This title very well goes with it, you won’t find this quality in the budget segment.


  • The lightweight aluminum frame makes it stand out
  • The profile storage with the hardware micro as well as lighting playback makes it amazing
  • You will get profile access independent of any other software that makes it fabulous
  • 6 zone light edge gives a dramatic effect

  • Super sensitive keys
  • Good key travel
  • Best RGB color scheme
  • Cherry style keys with media controls
  • Tilt on press Spacebar key
  • A bit pricey

Pick 5: Logitech G 413 backlit mechanical keyboard

Logitech g413 Mechanical Keyboard
Check Price on Amazon

This is a mechanical switch-based purpose-built Pro-grade keyboard that comes with remarkable performance, responsiveness, plus durability.

It is a precise and clean lighting based keyboard that can fit all purposes. You can see the visible and never distracting lighting pattern.

So, you can also use them during the late-night gaming session.


  • You will get the additional USB cable for connection of the USB cable through the port to the input.
  • The full function keys are remarkable for controlling the volume, play and pause, mute, and skip.
  • The aluminum-magnesium alloy top makes it durable.
  • Multiple keys with the modifier keys for the anti-ghosting as well can give benefits.
  • You can get the option for performing even the complex commands.
  • Heavy, sturdy & great grip on a surface
  • Compact Footprint, hence taking less space
  • Quieter keys (cherry)
  • Keyboard software is very confusing to use
  • Some of the keys are very bright in the dark

Pick 6: Ant Esports MK 100 LED-backlit

Ant Esport MK 3400 Mechanical Keyboard for gamers
Check Price on Amazon

This is the colored backlight type of the gaming keyboard that comes with the six preset lighting effects, anti-ghosting keys, multi keys for working with high speed, and everything else.

You can get the control key by an independent switch that will let you enjoy the high-grade games along with the fast response. Overall, it is fabulous for typing and gaming. The 87 key rollover means this keyboard is perfect without letting you miss anything.


  • There is the availability of the ultra-fast responsiveness
  • The vibrant 6 color backlighting makes it look great
  • Highlighted keys are available for the range of games
  • The backlit mode is also available
  • Value for money
  • Reliable Tactility
  • Gaming Recommended
  • Build is plastic
  • Limited backlight themes
  • Sometimes the fonts are not clear

Pick 7: Zebronics Zeb Nitro

Zebronics Zeb Mechanical
Check Price on Amazon

It is a full-sized mechanical keyboard that comes with 104 keys in the comfortable switch tech table type of the keyboard that comes with the LED backlight as well as the switchable LED.

It comes with integrated media control as well as a retractable stand. Overall, the full-sized mechanical keyboard is good with a comfortable speech tactile feeling. The integrated media control, LED backlight, as well as a supported platform like the windows Linux and Mac, make it stand out.


  • It comes with the optimum keystroke pressure
  • The polling rate is around 1000
  • You will get a cable length of 1.8m
  • Integrated media control with the windows key enable and disable option becomes great

  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes Stand
  • Backlight could be a bummer
  • Not a full-fledged mechanical keyboard

Pick 8: Corsair K68 RGB mechanical keyboard

Corsair k68 Mechanical Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon

This is a brilliant RGB lighting type of keyboard that comes with virtually unlimited lighting customization. You can use it on the variety of the onboard pre-installed effect. It comes with dust and spill-resistant areas that help in protection from accidents. So, you can get the never-ending gameplay.


  • There is a 100% key switch that will give the mechanical gaming experience.
  • You can get the ultimate competitive advantage with intuitive and powerful utility.
  • There are sophisticated macro programming and dynamic lighting effect.
  • You will get dedicated volume and multimedia control.

  • The lighting pattern is excellent
  • Good packaging
  • The sturdiness is remarkable
  • Has optimized brightness
  • The budget is on the higher side

Pick 9: Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12

Cosmic Byte CB GK 12
Check Price on Amazon

This is the keyboard that comes with 6 macro keys that are Programmable and convert without additional software. You can rest assured that the keys are easy to use and can also perform a different task.

It comes with the full dynamic RGB backlighting for allowing the countless possibilities limited to the imagination.


  • Aluminum Top Plate
  • 10 Backlight Effects, 3 Level Brightness Adjustment, and 3 Level Backlight Speed Adjustment
  • Anti Fading Double Shot Keycaps
  • 1-year warranty
  • Value for money
  • Function keys can change the light pattern
  • Cosmic Byte is offering good customer support
  • Not suitable for Mac users
  • The RGB Backlit setting gets reset on every boot

Pick 10: TVS-e Wired mechanical keyboard

TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard
Check Price on Amazon

This is the long blue switch-based mechanical keyboard that has a sculpted keycap profile. The mechanical keyboard comes with the rupee symbol that is enabled. It has 50 million strokes per switch that makes it amazing.


  • Applicability of a 1-year product warranty makes it excellent.
  • There are excellent touch plug and play type of surfaces
  • The small backspace key works better
  • This is the full-size keyboard that will serve remarkable benefits

  • It is quite sturdy
  • Has Standard layout
  • Easy to use
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Some people feel that the backspace key is small

Best budget pick goes to:

Budget Pick

HP K500F gaming keyboard

Semi Mechanical Keyboard

The membrane gaming keyboard comes with a new design and the logo in LED lighting.

Check Price on Amazon

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Things to consider for buying a mechanical keyboard

Before buying the mechanical keyboard, you must consider these factors:

  • Build quality

Mechanical keyboards are expensive and so it should be worth the price that you are paying for. Most keyboards are usually made of plastic. Look for aluminum casing if you want durability. You might also find some good gaming mechanical keyboard under 5000

  • Keycaps

The keys are usually made of plastic. PBT plastic proves to be more durable. Always look for the high-quality keycaps that are worth the durability.

Additionally make sure that the keycaps are switchable/replaceable.

  • Switch selection

Switches are usually located under its keycap that makes the mechanical keyboards special. You will get different types of switches. It’s best to look for the category.

Some are clicky, some are tactile while some others are linear switches. Besides this, they come with different steam designs. Look out for the one that suits your preference.

  • Layout

Usually, there are plenty of keyboard layouts from which you can choose. They are different from the full size and tenkeyless type of keypad. Most of these layouts usually have certain keys together for giving you an added benefit.

  • Connection method

Before buying, you should look for keyboards that have a good facility for the wired connection or a wireless version. We always prefer wired ones over bluetooth for better seamless functionalities.

  • Battery life

Using the wireless keyboard means that you have to know about the battery life. So, always look for enhanced battery life by picking one battery type.

Usually, most keyboards use rechargeable batteries. However, some of them also use the AA for power. You should look for the one that can be relied upon.


Are mechanical keyboards worth the price?

The mechanical keyboard comes with the setup and functionalities that make them different from others.

They are fit for typists and Gamers. Besides, you will get the fastest and accurate switches with great RGB lighting and fantastic durability to make them stand out.

What makes mechanical keyboards vary in the number of keys and functions?

Numerous cases are available on the mechanical keyboards and they vary because some keys are not very important.

The number of keys is represented in the x percent keyboard that makes the total number of the keys on the board. Always you have to develop a good understanding. If you need certain keys and functions before opting for the keyboard.

Does the noise level matter in the case of the mechanical keyboard?

For many people, noise levels do not meet anything. But, sometimes noise levels prove to be important. In case you are sensitive to the noise levels of the keyboard.

Then, you should look for the linear switches that will be producing a lesser noise, and in case you don’t mind the noise, you can go with the click tight.

The benefit of using the clicking keyboard is that there is soundly attached to every key that makes it helpful for increasing the speed of typing.


We have listed the top keyboard that will be fit for your needs. You can go ahead with the buying decision after considering the preferences. Each of them is perfect for serving your needs.

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