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Anime and Manga have long been on the favorite lists of teens and adults all over the world.

Although earlier it was a part of Japanese culture only, soon Japanese Anime and its comic book or comic strip version, Manga gained popularity in the UK and the West too.

It became so popular that the global anime market size was valued at USD 20.47 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR of 8.8% over the forecast period.

Sakurai said many Japanese probably are not aware of just how popular anime is overseas. Japanese Anime has become very popular worldwide.

One of the main reasons, why anime has gained such huge popularity is since it is animated.

The theme discussed in each anime series is accepted by mature teens as well as adults, be it, One Punch Man, which satires a superhero figure, or more intense suspense!

Thriller anime like Death Note that questions heavier aspects of life, breaking the convention of ‘cartoons being for children’.

What is Kissanime?

Kissanime web is a user-friendly, intuitive interface that provides anime enthusiasts easy access to excellent quality manga content and Anime in English-dubbed and subbed versions with exceptional HD quality and sound.

Also, it has a wide collection of genres that includes horror, romance, thriller, adventure, and cartoons, sorted and organized on the homepage of the website.

It provides anime enthusiasts easy access to stream and downloads full-length episodes of excellent quality manga content and Anime series on mobile devices and PC. It is free and you don’t need to sign up.

Kissanime is very popular among anime lovers. Unfortunately, the official KissAnime.Com, launched in 2012 was banned from the .com domain, therefore, the website has registered to continue its operations.

But bad luck to all anime lovers, the company ended up deleting the whole website data on 14 August 2020, shutting the whole site completely, leaving its users disheartened!

So, here we are, to rescue you and to get you acquainted with the best 10 alternatives for Kissanime so that you can get back to finding and streaming your favorite anime.

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Before we get started on the best 10 Kissanime alternatives, we want to remind you about being aware and staying protected online. We strongly recommend using a VPN for streaming or torrenting video online. VPNs help keep you protected from legal consequences and can also shield your device from viruses or malware.

Now it’s time to get to the top best10 Kissanime alternatives,

Pick 1: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Website

Crunchyroll is the most popular platform among anime lovers and is an impressive anime streaming service, thanks to its overwhelming catalog size and powerful support for simulcasts.

It also has exclusive original anime series and novel extras such as an apparel and manga shop.

The only drawback is that it is missing offline downloads and relatively few of its shows support dubs.

Their service requires a monthly subscription for $7.99/month, new users get a 14-day free trial too. You can enjoy your favorite anime in HD quality and is ad-free unlike others on this list.

Pick 2: 9Anime

9Anime Japanese anime streaming website on a laptop browser

Second on our list is this noteworthy website called 9Anime, which is very popular among anime fanatics.

The website lets you sort by a surprising amount of categorizations arranged in the order of different genres, release date, and quality.

Many shows are available in full 1080p HD, although some are marked as SD only. Almost all of them come with the choice of resolutions so that users can prioritize quality or speed/data usage depending on their internet connection speed.  

Pick 3: AnimeLab

AnimeLab a better Kissanime Alternative

Anime fans love AnimeLab! Animelab has some heavyweight titles in its catalog that Crunchyroll doesn’t – Death Note, K-On, Wolf Children, and many more.

The only real drawback is that it doesn’t get many new simulcasts every season.

At the same time, AnimeLab offers you hundreds of episodes available for free, and new shows and episodes are added quite frequently.

It supports the anime creators and is free and legal. You’d definitely love this app as it’s one of the cheapest platforms for anime lovers.

Also, it provides you with high-quality videos, even without any subscription.

Pick 4: AnimeDao

AnimeDao A Kissanime Alternative

When it comes to kissanime alternatives, AnimeDao is another amazing platform that you should definitely check out.  You’ll find all the popular anime content here for absolutely free.

From the latest episodes from the ongoing series to the most popular shows, you’ll find literally everything. The design of the website is also user-friendly and simple.

The site has huge thumbnails with clearly visible text along with all the descriptions such as the upload date so that you can find the content as quickly as possible.

There are nearly 2000+ titles here to choose from. You can search for any anime that you want. 

What separates AnimeDao from other anime sites is that they don’t have any ad banners on their homepage.

This is an important element as it allows the users to browse the website seamlessly.

Pick 5: AnimeFreak.TV

AnimeFreak website on a laptop browser

We must say that AnimeFreak is a heavenly website for anime fanatics. They have everything to offer, high resolution, very quick updates, and only a few ads. The latest episodes are uploaded as fast as the next day without any delay.

The functionality of the website is the most important for us, the users, and no doubt, it is absolutely hassle-free and smooth. The design approach is nice and colorful with a wide range of genres.

What you’re going to love about Animefreak the most is that it has an integrated video player. This means you don’t have to install VLC or any other players to enjoy your favorite anime.

The only drawback is the huge number of pop-ups and mis-click disturbances.

Pick 6: Funimation

Funimation website on a laptop looking a better kissanime alterntative

Talking about large scale anime streaming sites, Funimation comes first into our minds. It is another Kissanime alternatives with a website hosting thousands of shows of different genres, they have grown into a large business.

They offer 2 types of memberships to their user- free and premium memberships. The premium membership is $7.99 and gives the user to enjoy features like offline downloads, 5 simultaneous screens playing, and free shipping on merchandise above $20.

With a free account, viewers can watch episodes or seasons from the library. There are very rare to no ads with the premium membership. The user- interface is very user-friendly and navigation as smooth as butter.

Other than this, they have a shop full of anime-related merchandise and also a blog where they answer everything about a particular anime character.

Pick 7: Chia-Anime

ChiaAnime website on a laptop with books

Chia-Anime is a website that acts as a content directory that provides users with multiple links from across the web for each and every episode of any anime series to choose from.

As in some cases, 1/2 links may not work. This platform is loved by many as it has complete seasons of almost all the popular series with downloading options.

With 1000+ anime series, cartoons, drama, and movie titles of huge collections of genres on this network, the site has everything you ever wished for.

The website design is quite an eye-catching one and also the user interface is very smooth and simple.

Many soundtracks are also available to download as many of you might want some of the most iconic anime soundtracks as your ringtone.

Pick 8: Anime-Planet

AnimePlanet website on a laptop

Anime-Planet was created by fans, for fans, and it allows its viewers to create amazing lists of their favorite titles and thus allows them to create an archive based on other peoples’ lists.

This mobile-friendly free site contains over 45,000 full-length streams of a wide range of genres. Apart from a huge archive of anime, the site also has an amazing collection of manga too.

With its user and community features, users can keep track of what they’ve watched/read and what can they hope to see next.

Talking about the website design, it is hard not to be impressed by the professional and welcoming design of this site, the homepage itself is very impressive with its mesmerizing banners and well-organized homepage.

The only complaint its users have is that the site doesn’t have its own app as of now, but at the same time, the site has a very active forum where people can share their views and also can read other people’s views and comments, thus creating an environment of anime social networking.

Pick 9: Aniwatcher

Aniwatcher website on a laptop screen | Kissanime Alternative

Aniwatcher can help you to start your journey if you’re new to the anime world. It provides you with some of the most amazing and popular anime shows in the niche.

It has a very fancy design with a great viewing experience.

Like any other anime website, AniWatcher allows you to watch a wide range of content. Its extensive content library has ongoing series, newly added series, recommendations, movies, and cartoons. There are over 2000 anime series if you check the List section.

 It has minimal ads and the comment sections below each series help you to choose and save your precious time.

Pick 10: AnimeHeaven

AnimeFreak website open on a laptop

From the renowned Naruto, Dragon Ball Z to Pokemon, you’ll find the best-in-class anime content on this website.

Last on our list is AnimeHeaven – A trustworthy platform where you can stream free full-length episodes of anime from a wide range of genres, and apart from that with the use of premium offers, you can download any episode and watch it in HD later.

The website provides an extensive library of popular titles in multiple languages.  With its clean and well-oriented website, it offers seamless browsing and its eyecatching red and black theme will leave you coming back again and again.

The only annoying thing we noticed is a large number of silly pop-ups and misclicks which are unbearable.

Final verdict

The removal of Kissanime from the internet has been quite difficult for those who are real anime fanatics.

So, here we have tried to find the best Kissanime alternatives to replace it. We have mentioned both premium and free sites to allow you to choose whatever suits you more! Hope you found these helpful.

You can now enjoy watching and downloading your favorite anime series online!

If you’ve got some more Kissanime alternatives in your mind, don’t hesitate to bring them to our notice in the comment section below.

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