10 Games like Eve online

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Did you know that the percentage of people playing games has increased compared to the ones who engage themselves in other entertainments?

Yes, it is because the advancements in this field have increased tremendously with time which gives a real-time experience.

With this year 2020 as a great boon factor, these games left people to stay connected with friends in their remote mode of entertainment.

You need not be with your friends however, you can always be connected. It is exactly what these games offer you. Besides, MMO games (Massively Multiplayer Online) have gained more users with immense graphics and an online comfort zone.

Have you heard of EVE Online?

What is Eve Online?

Eve Online is a community-driven Space-based MMORPG game (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay Games) developed by CCP Games. It is one of the top favorites in the list for Science-fiction game players.

This game takes place in New Eden which is a distant cluster of over 7000 star systems and set 21,000 years in the future. And don’t you dare think it is an easy game with the enormous amount of content heaped in your path.

Master your skills to build your character around your intended role – a Pirate, a Trader, a Miner/Producer, or a Mission Runner. After all, the most alluring factor of Eve Online is its never-ending goal.

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Do you think there are equal best MMO games like Eve online? And are you an ardent fan of Science fiction games? Then do check out the list below for some of the best multiplayer games and single-player games like EVE Online:

10 Games Like EVE Online | Top Picks

1. Elite Dangerous

elite dangerous online game alternative
  • Genre: Space flight simulation game 
  • Developer and Publisher: Frontier Developments 
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows, OS X, PS 4, Xbox One

It is the 4th game in the Elite Series. Far from the earth and set in the year 3304, you will be inhabiting Elite’s Milky Way consisting of 400billion star systems (Yes, you read it right! EVE has 5000 star systems).

This game starts with a special space area which is accessible only to the new players with a special pilot license and you will be provided with a small amount of credit. There is a good tutorial for the basics of the game. They provide you with both solo and multiplayer player modes. 

Player’s Activities involve – Trading, Mining, Assassination, Piracy, Hunting, and much more. Activities can be performed in both legal or illegal ways. 

2. Star Conflict

start conflict game like eve online
  • Genre – Space action simulation game 
  • Developer – Star Gem inc 
  • Publisher – Gaijin Entertainment
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows, Steam OS, Linux, OS X

This is an amazing fast-paced action-packed free-to-play business model. The central key of the game concentrates on PvP spaceship battles, PvE missions, and an online open-world sandbox mode.

This game has an amazing storyline plotted and can be read on their website (link: and no doubt about its graphics being visually enticing.

This is a strictly a Multiplayer game with no solo mode.

Player’s Activities – Control dozens of Spaceships, Participate in space battles, Build spaceships, and collect credits to create better spacecraft. 

3. Oolite 

oolite eve online alternative
  • Genre – Space trading and Combat Simulator
  • Developer and Publisher – Giles Williams and Jens Ayton
  • Website:
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, SGI Irix, Pandora

This is a free and open-source 3D environment Space Combat simulation game. By its name, Oolite – Object-Oriented (E)lite, this game was inspired by Elite and share several similarities.

You have to pilot a space vessel that can accomplish interstellar travel to other nearby planets. The vessel is capable of generating wormholes for achieving the same. 

Player’s Activities – Unlike other games, Oolite does not have any defined set of goals. Earning money by trading goods across different planets and Elite ranking are the two core factors of the game. 

4. Perpetuum

perpetuum Game on a laptop eve online alternative

Perpetuum is another top-one in MMORPG science fiction games where the storyline takes place on a distant planet inhabited by robot-like creatures but not completely space-themed as Eve Online.

This is a player-driven economy game that takes place on a planet similar to the Earth with advanced technology and resources. Gates to the Human race are opened to conquer them. 

Player Activities – Fighting for new territories, Trading, Building to develop existing infrastructure, or setting up new corporations.

5. Star Wars – The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic Games like eve online

Here is the choice if you are a Star Wars fan. SWTOR is a massively popular free-to-play MMORPG game that gives you the option to play at the center of your own plot-driven Star Wars saga. You are can play one of the fabled roles from your Star Wars characters. Being on the Light or Dark side is your choice.

Player Activities– Pilot your starship, Gathering, and completion of tasks, Exploring, and Defeating enemies.

6. Dark orbit

Darl Orbit another games like eve online on a laptop screen
  • Genre – Action Roleplaying MMORPG
  • Developer and Publisher– Bigpoint
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Dark Orbit is a 3D isometric Flash MMORPG game where you are a space pilot and fight against the evil non-players and other real-life players.

The player makes his choice between the three companies provided at the start. Your efforts are to fight against the aliens who pose a threat to the human race.

Player Activities– Combat against enemies, Gaining power and wealth as an individual and for the company.

7. X3 Terran Conflict

x3 Terran Conflict Games like eve online

This game in the X trilogy takes us to the grand finale in the solar system. As a player, you are entitled to have a multitude of exploration in the vast universe.

With the help of Jumpgates, you can travel across the various sectors provided in the game that are owned by variety of races.

This game follows a single-player mode.
Player Activities – Exploring, Trading, Construction, and some Combats.

8. Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes Game on a laptop Games like eve online alternative
  • Genre – Space Flight Simulation MMO Game 
  • Developer – NetEase Inc, CCP Games 
  • Publisher – NetEase Inc
  • Website:
  • Platform: Android 

EVE Echoes is a next-gen mobile MMO spaceship based game. This is a simpler version of its successor EVE Online on the mobile Android platform.

This one came as the solution to casual players who dreamt of playing a massive game like Eve Online on a mobile platform. It is perfect to be called “EVE’s little brother”.

9. No Man’s Sky

No Man's sky game on a laptop

Next on our list is an action-based survival game where the player takes the role of an alien humanoid planetary explorer, called “Traveller” in the game.

The Universe here comprises 14 quintillion planets and are differentiated by their eco-system. All the galaxy parts are built by procedural generation using deterministic algorithms and random number generators.

Player Actions – Survival, Exploration, Trading, and Combat.

10. Vega Strike

Vega Strike on the laptop for games like eve online
  • Genre– First Person Space Flight Simulation Game.
  • Developer – Vega Strike Games 
  • Website:
  • Platforms: Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux

We have another game on our list which is inspired by Elite. In this Vega Strike, you are introduced to a dynamic universe with diverse factions. This game allows you to build relations when traversing between factions.

This could be positive or negative based upon the actions taken there. Make it a point to invest in your vessels cleverly to withstand all the dangerous combats. 

Player Actions – Exploration, Trading, and Combat which are profitable.

End Note

Games like EVE Online are yet to have a massive hit in the upcoming years. Both the technology and its users are increasing day-by-day which opens a lot of opportunities and experience in this field. So, definitely, the future has many things awaiting us. But whatsoever,

                                                             “Enjoy the Game Control; Own your Mind Control”


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