OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition Wallpaper download now!!!

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Recently the famous smartphone brand OnePlus has re-launched their latest flagship device. Which is the OnePlus 5T,  with the upcoming movie Star Wars The Last Jedi. The device though is a limited edition one.


The package looks a lot different from the stock OnePlus 5T box. It has a special OnePlus poem pamphlet configured with the movie. When scratched with pencil it surprisingly reveals the location of a special compartment within the box. Opening the secret compartment, presents a holographic mechanism for the Easter egg, which is made in relation with the star wars movie. The device does have some physical changes too, the color of the back panel and the texture of it is related to the climax scene of the movie. There is a STAR WARS logo at the back. The famous Slider which was used to be in black color has been changed to RED and the whole theme of the device is based on RED-WHITE color.

We cannot change the physical appearance but what we can get is the awesome looking wallpapers that comes it. Few days ago a developer named Quinny899 managed to get the wallpapers from the device for us at xda.

If you are Star Wars and OnePlus fan you will be eagerly waiting to download these awesome wallpapers. So the link to the zip file which has been uploaded by the xda team is given below. We would like to give the credits to the xda developers for giving us these awesome wallpapers to use in our own devices. Check out our OnePlus 5T Review.

DOWNLOAD NOW[ Star Wars wallpapers ]


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