Necessary Apps For Android | December Edition


If you are looking for some useful apps to make your smartphone much more refined, here is the list for you. Handpicked by our team, of the 8 essential necessary apps you must have to make your smartphone productive. So lets dive right into it.

Nova Launcher

Necessary apps | Nova LauncherMost of the customization loving folks are surely aware of this. For those of you who don’t, we’ve got you covered. Nova Launcher is a replacement for you default home screen. Its a performance driven launcher which focuses high on customization and other add-on features. Some of them include changing icon, layout, animations etc.

Furthermore there is a prime version which provide a couple of extra features like gestures, unread count, scroll effects etc but don’t worry even the free version have plenty of options to play with. Nova Launcher does not affect the performance of the device at all. Battery drain is also mere. Download the Nova Launcher and embrace the material design throughout.

Download Nova launcher:

Gallery Doctor

Necessary apps | Gallery Doctor

This productive app offers reliable results based on computer vision and machine learning. It thoroughly scans your Android device to find all identical and other unnecessary photos including dark images, blurry shots, and poor-quality images. It allows you to preview files before you delete them. Over the time it tracks your behavior of deleting and keeping different photo files to offer you better results. For Gallery Doctor alternatives check our Top duplicate files finder APPs article.

Download Gallery Doctor:

Files Go by Google

Necessary apps | FilesGo

Files Go is a new storage manager by Google which helps to effectively manage your phone’s storage and allow you to share them offline with your friends. You can also upload your stuff to Google Drive or other Cloud Services. Over the course of usage, Files Go will provide you suggestions on what files to keep and what to dump. It suggest you to delete unused apps and duplicate files. You can clean cache and other unused files to clear up-to 1GB of space on your first usage. You can share Apps, Pictures, Videos etc with a speed up-to 125 Mbps without internet.

Download FilesGO:

AMOLED Wallpapers (Darkops)

Necessary apps | Darkops

Darkops is a must have for devices with AMOLED screens. It brings you a rich collection of black wallpapers with a resolution of up-to 4K. Since AMOLED screens doesn’t illuminates pixels on black backgrounds. There are different categories like Abstract, Typography, Nature, Superheroes etc. Darkops also allows you to either save the wallpaper or directly apply it to the home screen from the app. It’s totally free with more than 1000+ wallpapers to choose from.

Download Darkops:


Necessary apps | CamScanner

CamScanner is a must have app for almost everyone. It allows you to scan, store and sync content across various devices. It make use of the phone’s camera to scan documents etc and coverts them to PDF or other formats. It’s a portable scanner which is very useful when you have to scan something and you are unable to get hands on an actual scanner. Scanned copy is auto-enhanced making text and images look much sharper. Scanned files can be shared across different social media platforms, through email etc.

CamScanner uses OCR to extract text from images like Phone number from a business card. You can use passwords too for securing your personal documents. There is a premium subscription which provide extra features like 10GB cloud space, send doc linked with password, Watermark removal and expiration date etc. We recommend this as one of the necessary apps for android.

Download CamScanner:


Necessary apps | Areo

Areo is specifically meant for people living in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Banglore. Developed by Google, it’s a single stop solution for Home services and Food delivery. Some of the services include local electricians, painters, cleaners and many more. For Payments, there are different methods like Net Banking, Card or Cash on Delivery. You can search dishes or restaurants and can easily schedule delivery timings that suits your need. Areo is a single app solution to most of you problems, recommended by Techulk.

Download Areo:


Necessary apps | SnapSeed

Snapseed is a photo editor by Google which is capable of opening RAW DNG files on the go. RAW editing includes 8 different controls for enhancements. Other features include healing, white balance, perspective, image tuning etc. UI is smooth, easy to use and is capable of creating professional looking photos on your smartphone.

If you are a photography lover just like me then checkout the article on Best photo editing Apps for android.

Download SnapSeed:


Necessary apps | Videoder

Videoder allows you to watch and download videos through various video hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc. You can easily download any video from 240p to even 1080p. You can directly download MP3 of a particular video directly through the app. With Videoder you can easily download any video you want on your android device in formats like MP4, 3GP and FLV. Adding to that you can also stream video just like YouTube app with added features. The app’s interface is also customizable and offers a great User Interface.

Download Videoder:


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