How to get Face Unlock on any android device

Face Unlock

Face Unlock is becoming the new trend for unlocking smartphones. What it basically does is scan your face to unlock the device. Although face unlock was there for android a long way back but it got never secure. To make the process secure companies like Samsung uses an Iris scanner to make the process more reliable while OnePlus uses 100 unique identifiers to scan your face. However not everyone is willing to buy these devices just to use the quirky way to unlock their device.

For those who wants Face Unlock on their devices there is no need to worry. Almost all the phones running above Android Lollipop have this feature by the name ‘Trusted Face’. Follow the steps below on ‘How to enable face unlock on any android device’.


Note- Trusted Face is insecure as compared to the Iris Scanner or the Face ID and may be fooled by photos. Use at your own risk.

How to enable the feature

  1. Open settings and dive into the security options.
  2. Tap on Smart Lock. It will ask you for the device password to continue.
  3. Tap on the Trusted Face option. An About Trusted Face page will be displayed with some key points. We recommend you to read it.
  4. Tap on Set-Up. Find some place that’s not too bright or too dim.

Face Unlock

  1. Tap on Next. Hold the device to your eye level until the scanning completes. Tap Done.
  2. This step is optional. You can use the Improve Face Matching option to re-scan your face under different lighting conditions, with or without glasses or beard.

Face Unlock

Enable Auto-Dismiss lock-Screen

Face unlock on any android | AutoInput APP

  1. Install the app called AutoInput by joaomgcd from Play store. [Click Here]
  2. Open the app and start your trial version by tapping “Use For Free“.
  3. It will start an Ad, after that tap “Auto Dismiss Keyguard” and enable the feature.
  4. Now your device’s lockscreen will get automatically bypassed soon it recognizes your face.

That’s pretty much it. You might Have noticed some other options too in Smart Lock settings like On-Body detection, Trusted voice etc. Here is a short explanation for them.

On-Body Detection

Once you unlock your device it will stay unlocked as long as the device stays in motion. It will automatically lock once when it is set down. This method might seem convenient but if a person other than the actual owner get hold on the device while it is unlocked, he can easily access your personal data.

Trusted Places

Once you configure a particular place as your Trusted Place your device will automatically skip the lock screen once you enter that place. It’s convenient however pretty much insecure as other people residing the following place can access your personal data if they get hold on your device.

Trusted Devices

Add a trusted Bluetooth device like your smartwatch and your smartphone will remain unlocked as long as it is connected to that device. Convenient but still insecure.

Trusted Voice

It creates a Voice model by recording the phrase “OK GOOGLE” in your voice. Once this process is done you can unlock your device by saying the phrase “OK GOOGLE”. It is kinda secure as different people tends to have different voice but again not as secure as password or fingerprint.


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