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Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It is considered an extension of Google Now. The Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations and provides a more interactive platform. It uses the Google’s natural language processing algorithm to do so. The voice assistant has the tone of real live person talking to you unlike the Google Now that sounds like a robot. The assistant is currently integrated in the Allo app and is only available in the preview edition. Google Pixel is the only android device that has the Google Assistant integrated into its software.

There are two methods to get the Google Assistant working on your device and are discussed below. Both the methods involve tweaking a file called ‘ build.prop ‘. These have been found working perfectly on all CyanogenMod 14 based ROM(s) as well. So this article will focus for getting the assistant on Android version 7.0 nougat(or up).

[The article will be extended further for getting the GAssistant on Marshmallow based ROM(s) as well, so stay tuned for that.]

NOTE : We are not responsible if anything goes wrong (bootloop, bricked devices). So please consider taking a backup of your ROM.


Again, make sure your device has a custom Android N ROM because it is only compatible with nougat devices. Other pre-requisite include :

Step 1 : There is a download link below that contains three flashable zip files :,, tweak.prop. Download the three files and copy them onto your device. (Credit : FaserF )


Here is a quick insight as to what these files are .

  • : It will install the Google Velvet app(Google Search) as a system app on your device.
  • : It searches for the tweak.prop file that contains the new codes for the build.prop file and changes your current device model to Pixel. It also makes a backup of the original build.prop file of your device.
  • tweak.prop : It contains the code  i.e. “ro.opa.eligible_device=true” that changes the device model to Pixel.

flashing via TWRP recovery


Step 2 : Reboot to custom recovery and select install from zip.

Step 3 : Flash the file.

Step 4 : Now Flash the file (The tweak.prop file will automatically get flashed).

Step 5 : Reboot to system and give all permissions to Google apps manually.




Some users complained that after rebooting they could not find the assistant working the second time they tried. This is because the build prop is not edited successfully. This was solved by editing the build prop of the device manually, for that I recommend using the BuildProp Editor apk by Jrummy which is available on the Playstore. Copy and add these two lines of code at the last of your build prop and hit save:

ro.product.model=Pixel XL


That’s it. Enjoy your Google Assistant experience.

APK METHOD (For The Lazy Ones)

This is for those users who don’t want to dabble in the art of build.prop. Adding to it, this following method requires a rooted device running on Android N.

The Get Assistant apk saves a backup of your model name on the first startup so that we can always revert back to normal Google Now on Tap, or Google Screen Search. In addition to that, it makes backup of build.prop in ‘/system/first-time-open-backup-build.prop.back in case of emergency restore.

Significant safety checks are also included in the app to alert you ahead of time if the app possibly doesn’t support your device to avoid bootloops or bricked devices.

Step 1 : Install the latest version of Get Assistant apk from Google PlayStore on your device.

Step 2 : Open the app! A welcome message would be displayed that would ask you to proceed for the one-time setup that checks for root and asks for permissions. Tap continue.

Step 3 : Tap the Get Assistant button.

Step 4 : If the device is rooted you would see a Superuser request. Tap grant to provide permissions to the Get assistant app.

Step 5 : A safety check message is displayed that says ” Nougat-running Nexux devices recommended “. Well don’t worry; it works pretty well on other devices with an Android 7 custom rom. Tap YEP.

If all goes well, a SUCCESS message is displayed which says ” Modified build.prop accordingly !! “. Also you need to clear your Google’s app data. A message will pop asking you to do the same.

Step 6 : Tap OPEN APP INFO and then click on Storage. Now tap Clear Cache and Manage Space. Then clear Google Search data.

Tried and tested successfully on Redmi 2 Prime ( Tesla 3.1[Beta] ROM based on Android 7.0 ). Below is a step-by-step screenshot of the procedure.

Get Assistant apk Get Assistant apk 2 Get Assistant apk 3

Voila !!! You got your Google Assistant now.

How to fix Google Assistant’s “Okay Google” Hotword detection problem??

While using the Google Assistant on devices other than Pixel/Nexus, users might face this issue of “Okay Google” detection on their respective devices. Soon when the hotword is detected, the assistant keeps registering the voice and fails to save it, no matter how much times you utter Okay Google in front of the screen. So to fix this issue for now:

  • Download and install the ChopAssistant App from the PlayStore.
  • The application itself is very simple to use, just open the app and tap on the ENABLE ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE option.
  • It will open the Accessibility Settings screen! Enable the ChopAssistant under services!!
  • Done!! it will now ignore the voice model registration screen!!

Feel free to comment if you encounter any problem.

Stay Techulked for more workaround!


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