How to add social links on YouTube channel’s page?


We all are very well aware of this fact that how much important social media links are for promoting anything in this world. We need to link each one of our pages, posts, tags with our one and only channel such that it should get known by everyone and most importantly by the Google. Sharing your presence among the social networks acts like a spotlight for your channel notifying those who aren’t aware of your channel and eventually making them subscribed. On the other side with the SEO point of view all of your social links acts like an authority itself as the time passes.
These links will show up as it is when you search for your Website’s or channel’s keyword on the SERP. So never be late building up your presence on every social network websites on the internet!!
Your YouTube channel should contain these following

• Your Google+ Page
• Your Facebook Page
• Your Twitter Account
• Your Instagram ID
• Your own personal website.


Enough of story telling!!! Lets now move towards the steps,

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account and open up the channel’s page.

Step 2: To access the “Edit links” option, you have to click the settings toggle icon next to that red subscribe button.


Step 3: Soon as you hit the settings toggle, a page will get displayed, just turn on the “Customize the layout of your channel“. This will now allow you to customize your whole channel’s page like making a playlist, displaying video suggestions, adding a trailer for expressing your niche Etc.


Step 4: After the above step you will be able to find the “Edit Links” option present right above the “Edit Channel art” (As shown in the image above).

Step 5: When you will select the edit links, scroll down to find the CUSTOMISED LINK option under Links section.

Step 6: Add all of your social network hyperlinks by copying and pasting your specific page’s URL. (As shown in the image)

Step 7: That’s it!! Now just simply hit that blue “Done” option to save your preferences.

Now finally you have those little social media icons under your album cover!!!! If you got lost somewhere between the steps, you can hassle free comment it down below like always.
Happy video making!!!!

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