Mlais MX Base VS Oukitel U8 Review


Mlais and Oukitel are two leading smartphone manufacturing companies providing good performance enhanced devices at low prices. Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8 both are low budget smartphones with decent specs on the table. Both of the devices supports LTE. So we will be now talking about the specifications of both of the devices in detail:


Mlais MX Base VS Oukitel U8
MX Base– It sports 5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280×720. 5 inch is an ideal size which most of the people prefer and with HD resolution it makes a perfect combination.

Oukitel U8– On the other hand is a 5.5 inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280×720. 5.5 is quite big and many finds it uncomfortable using a big display while some of them loves it!!

Conclusion– Both the devices have the same HD resolution but MX with a 5 inch display will automatically tend to provide you with more sharpness and less distortion.
Note that Its totally up to the user that which of the screen size he/she prefers and is much suitable for usage.


MX Base– Is powered by MTK-6735P, 64Bit Quad-Core MediaTek chipset clocked at 1.3Ghz along with Mali T760 GPU and 2GB of RAM. Its not a high end chipset that we can find in this generation smartphones but you can play high end games at medium settings without any lag!! while in normal daily use the device will provide with flawless performance though.
Oukitel U8– Powered by the same 64Bit MTK6735P chipset but it is under-clocked at 1Ghz with Mali T760 GPU and 2GB of RAM. High End gaming is not possible at the highest settings but it won’t disappoint you for general purposes.


Conclusion– MX Base is a clear cut winner with same but High Clocked 1.3Ghz processor.



Mlais MX Base VS Oukitel U8
MX Base– Comes with a 8 Megapixel Sony IMX 219 rear and 5 Megapixel front camera. Images clicked are sharp and crisp with much detailing.

Oukitel U8– It comes with a 13 Megapixel front and 5 Megapixel rear camera. By the way the rear camera’s performance is really great comparing with the other phones in this price segment too. Images taken by the camera are much more detailed and colors appears way too natural. Front Cam has beauty mode for your amazing selfies.

Conclusion- Oukitel wins this round with the great camera performance.


Mlais MX Base VS Oukitel U8 lollipop
As Said Before “Not Only The Looks But The User Interface Of The Device Also Does Matters” Both Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8 runs on fairly untouched version of the Android 5.1 Lollipop. As we know that 5.1 have lots of new introduced animations, customization options with improved battery performance that lead to the increased efficiency while using the device comparing to the prior versions of Android. With lollipop Os you will never feel kind of bored with your device as it will keep juggling with nice animations soon as you open your lockscreen.
So this round is a Draw for both Mx Base and U8.


Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8 both the devices supports 4G+3G+2G. All connectivity options are available like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, A-GPS, MicroUSB.
But Mlais comes with an Infrared emitter and can be used as a Remote Device for TV, AC etc known as the Smart Control while Oukitel U8 comes with a finger print scanner providing high security.

Conclusion- So it really depends upon the priorities of the usage now. If you prefer Finger print scanner then go for Oukitel U8 else, if you prefer Infrared Emitter over the scanner for using your smartphone as remote then go for Mlais MX Base.



Mlais MX Base has a battery of 4800mAh while Oukitel U8 emits out a battery of 2850 mAh. Mlais is a clear winner with a huge battery backup. So if You are a heavy user and need a device that lasts much longer then go for Mlais MX Base without any second thought.


Everything At Glance 

Both Mlais MX Base and Oukitel U8 are great devices but in terms of Camera, Screen Size, Build design and additional security(Finger print scanner) U8 is the WINNER while in terms of Screen Clarity, Performance, Battery and an Infrared Emitter Mlais MX Base wins. Its all about priorities now what you want out of your smartphone. So the decision is yours about which device to bring home.


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