Mi3 Low Sound Output Fix (CM12.1)


Cynogenmod 12.1 is really smooth and awesome. It comes with added up customization options and themes by default. I recenty flashed CM12.1 on my Mi3 and I have to say that its from one of the best Rom(s) I have used till date.
How to increase the volume of mi3


Smooth as butter
Great Camera
Decent Battery Backup

The only problem I found till date on my MI3 with CM12.1 is the low speaker output volume. At maximum volume I wasn’t able to listen to the Notification sounds or the sound of music either. So I think its a bug, I did tried to configure the sound files but unfortunately didn’t got it in the system files to manipulate the values.

So I came up with these easy solution, if you guys are facing this same problem you can try these following methods,

Flashing Dolby Atmos

I have to say Dolby Atmos has a blueish eye catching interface and works really awesome. Sound quality is considerably increased you can notice by switching Dolby off during the music playback. Lets move towards the steps for flashing, 

download dolby atmos
Download Dolby.zip
(To Uninstall Flash This Zip Uninstall Dolby )
Step 1- Download Dolby Atmos zip and place it in the root of your
SD card.
Step 2- Reboot into Recovery and choose option
“Install zip from SD card”
Step 3- Browse for the Dolby zip file and select it to get it flashed on the device.
Step 4- Hit Reboot!
You will now find the Dolby Atmos icon in App drawer open the app to turn it on and feel the difference.

Using Volume+


Download and install Volume+ app the link is provided down below.
This works on both rooted and non rooted devices!!
how to increase volume of mi3
Step 1– Open app and go to speaker settings.(as shown in screenshot)
Step 2– Enable Audio or Speaker Modifications.
Step 3– Change the volume level accordingly for the desired output.

If you want to know how to increase volume of any Android Device then you can read the various methods in the article over here:
How to increase default volume of any android device?


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