Things to know before publishing a new post on blogger


Parameters to keep in mind before posting with blogger platform:

You might observed that for some of the unique posts that you’ve written by investing your time and efforts are not getting properly indexed in the Google search results, some of them are not even on the first page itself. Most of the people blame blogger for this problem as other blogging platforms like WordPress have SEO tools and 3rd party plugins available to get properly indexed by the search engines. With my experience in blogging, the blogger published quality posts are also as good as those published by using the other platforms. Today we are going to discuss all the aspects you should remember before hitting that orange Publish optionTips before publishing new post on blogger


Post Title:

This area is the heading of your whole content. It will show up as it is in the search results based on the searched query made in the Google search box. Your post title should be catchy, less tricky and simple. Never make your post title too lengthy!! instead cut it as short as possible illustrating your inner content by those few words. A post title should be strong enough to pull a person towards your blog from between those shown search results.


A permalink is a permanent static hyperlink to a particular entry on your blog. Which means that it acts like an address of your posts. Before publishing a new post, by default the permalink goes same like as your post’s title. You can change that according to your choice by making it more short and attractive by selecting the custom permalink option, it also makes the link look more professional. Like for example if the post address is


You can change it to,

Before publishing.

Note: Please don’t change the permalinks of your existing/previous published blog posts, doing this can lead to “404 error page” if someone lands on your blog via search results. So follow this tip from now on wards for publishing new posts on your blog.

Search Description:

This little box is the place where you describe your whole content of your post in a nutshell. A proper description of your post helps the Google bots to index your post content more easily in the search results. Description should not be lengthy as your content instead it should be quite short, appropriate and have the power to reflect the content of your written post. The description of your post will be shown as it is under the title of the post in the search results.

Bonus Tip: You can mention all the possible search queries of your written topic that a person can make (related to your content) in your description box, it will surely help to index your published post more higher than the others for that specific searched term such that people can find your post easily in between the search results.


A label is a classified name given to the contents to separate up your posts. You can manage your contents by labeling it, which will help you to find your published posts more easily in case of any update you have to add in to your previously published posts. You can categorize your various contents of your blog by using the labels. Like for example, you want to search a post labelled as “Cooking” in your blog, for that specific post the URL will go like:
Which will make a search for all those posts categorized under the label “cooking”.


You can publish your post even when you are not signed in to your blogger. Yeah, via schedule option you will be able to publish your post when you are out for work, this option made it easy for those who are going out for vacations to keep their posting on!! By hitting the “Set date and time” option you will be able to choose a particular day and time when to instantly publish your post, it will be automatically published from the drafts according to your set time and date.


You can choose with lots of other options like allowing reader’s comments or to hide the existing comments from your posts under the ‘Options’ menu in ‘Reader comments’. You can also share your location to let your favorite visitors know from where did you published the current post that you’ve written via the ‘Location’ option! It is quite catchy for the authors of those blogs with travelling niche. You can allow whether to show or hide the Backlinks of your current post under the ‘Options’ too.

To index your uploaded picture of your post, you can click the image and select the properties option to enter the title of your post inside it so that it will be also shown between the Google image search results too.
After when done, before publishing your well polished post you can finally preview your whole post by hitting the ‘Preview’ option.That’s all for today,
Happy blogging!!!


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