Redmi 1s: Install lollipop 5.1 (with review)


Lollipop 5.1 for Redmi 1s
Syhost released CyanogenMod 12.1 aka lollipop 5.1 for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Now after this Redmi 1s users are updated to the latest version of lollipop. As we know that android version 5.1 is the complete bug free version of the lollipop that users faced memory leak, poor RAM management, heating problem and lags etc before with version 5.0.1 and 5.0.2. Lollipop 5.1 has more introduced animations & good battery performance.
We flashed mokee 5.0.2 and cm 12 on the device and did the comparison before
here: Install mokee and cm12 on redmi 1s.
Now today we are about to flash Cm12.1 on Redmi 1s:
First of all you have to download the Rom & Gapps 5.1 from the link down below and place it in your external SD card. Then
• Boot into twrp recovery mode. (Power off your device and press Power+Volume up button for few seconds).
• After getting into recovery mode then select Wipe option.
• Go to Advance wipe and check System, Data, Cache & Dalvik cache.
•  Swipe to wipe them.
• After that hit back and go to the Install option and select install zip from SD card.
• Browse for the Cm12.1 Rom file that we placed in the SD card & swipe to flash it.
• When its done hit back and flash the Gapps 5.1 zip too, like you flashed Cm 12.1 and hit Reboot after when its done.
• It will take time to boot so be patient.
• The Rom is Pre-rooted. You have to go to settings to unlock the developer options by tapping the build number under About phone.
• After that go to Developer options>> Root access>> check Apps only or Apps and ADB. Now you can install the SuperSu app from the play store if you want.
CM12.1 for redmi 1s

How was the experience with Cm12.1 on Redmi 1s?

After installing Cm12.1 and using it for 5 days with all of my apps installed I didn’t encountered any big issues. The Rom has:
1/ Very brilliant Ram management. Never faced any lag via multitasking.
2/ Awesome battery performance. The battery now on Redmi 1s is giving me backup that it never did before. Managed to use the phone for 38mins without the power save mode on approx 2-4 percentage battery left.
3/ Calling experience was great. No lag! no distortion!
4/ You can move your installed apps to your external SD card. To set the default preference for installing the apps on your ext SD card goto Settings>>Apps>>Preferred install location>> Select Removable SD card.
5/ The AnTuTu X benchmarks came out to be 19052 (On performance mode).
What are the bugs?
</bug 1> After settling down with all my required apps installed. Sometimes the google keyboard crashes!. Not that too often. (You can ignore that)

</bug 2> Dialer App reboots the whole device whenever you run the USSD code. This bug is quite irritating but it doesn’t affect while making or receiving calls.</Update> Now there is no bugs with the latest Cm12.1 R7.

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If you found any trouble while flashing the Rom, comment down below hassle free. I will help you out whenever I’ll get time. This is not my work I just only did reviewed it for you after testing.


    • You may have done something wrong, that’s why you got a bootloop!! Follow the instructions carefully to flash the ROM!!

  1. How Can I do that {Replace stock recovery to custom recovery (twrp)}, Where is the link to get & whats the Procedure.
    In this thread there is mention it"s Pre Rooted ROM, After Complete full procedure of Flashing , Then will do or before Flashing ("every body go to Settings, to unlock the developer options by tapping the build number under About phone." …….) ,
    How can i backup Photos/Videos, Sms & contacts/call Backup before flashing bcoz after flashing miui is not working.
    after update , May I return to Miui Version then how is it ?(plz. plz. define) & may able to get OTA on my device. if possible plz. mail me ([email protected])

  2. As per u my redmi HM 1S WC (miui based on kit kat) has no advance wipe, it only shows wipe & reset then 1) wipe cache, 2) wipe user data, 3) wipe sd card & lastly 4) Wipe all Data. in above which mode I will Go with. Also my redmi 1s has not rooted till, then is it works to update to Cm Mod 12.1 with Lolipop? after update , May i return to Miui Version then how is it ?(plz. plz. define) & may able to get OTA on my device. if possible plz. mail me ([email protected])

    • Hello Mr. Sudarshana,
      Currently there are no such bugs with the cm12.1 update R7 and up. For better experience you can use the ROM with Xcelerate kernel to yield out more performance from the device.


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