Why should I Authorize my site in Google AdSense?


You must be aware of this truth that Google AdSense account is something which is very hard to get and very easy to lose. So you have to be more aware with what you have and you should try to always play on the safest side. There can be some minor aspects that you might be not aware of which can lead you to a huge trouble if left unnoticed.Let me share an experience with you. I often log into my Adsense account to keep a track on how well everything is going! most of the times I look upon it via Adsense App installed on my phone. But one day all of a sudden I started seeing one extra website that was added up in my account which I wasn’t aware of that long. When I visited that site, it seemed to be a blank site (a bit written in other language about something) which was showing my Ads on it. Then I logged into my account and found out this Access and authorization feature there, which helps to authorize your sites which you want to show ads on.

<update> AdSense integrated the Site Authorization feature with Site Management.

What will be the result of such situations?

Google doesn’t allows to place Ads on those sites that has insufficient content or less traffic on it. It can even lead to banning of the account. Sometimes these kinds of acts are used on purpose for click bombing to disable the AdSense account. So its very necessary that you should keep track on which of the sites are showing your Ads on. It maybe not your fault but indirectly the consequences will be faced by you only, so by authorizing the sites we are letting Google know that which sites you own and given the permissions to show Ads,
Now to authorize sites on Google AdSense:

Access and authorization in AdSense• Log-in to your AdSense account and click the setting’s icon/toggle present above on the right as shown in the image & click on the settings option from the dropdown menu.

• After that on the left side of the screen you will find the Access and authorization feature.• Now under Site authorization/Site Management you will find option “Sites authorized to show ads” check that option and inside the box you write down the URL of all your sites! An example is given down in the image.

Site authorization in Google AdSense

• Make sure to enter each domain on its own line. When its done then save your settings.

What this will do is, those sites showing your Ads which is not mentioned in the authorized box you entered, will keep on showing the Ads but it will not generate any revenue from that. This means that if any problem happens you will be on the safe side.

Note: Those who are not using custom domain on blogger (or using AdSense with .blogspot domain) have to add the county specific TLD’s with their domain for example:

You can find all the country specific Google TLD’s over here: LIST OF GOOGLE DOMAINS

You can also include translate sites like Google translate, Microsoft translate in the authorization box.

After authorizing all your sites, you will find a notification message in your AdSense account that “In the past 7 days, your ad  code has appeared a significant number of times on websites you haven’t authorized. To avoid lost revenue, make sure to authorize any sites you own to display ads by visiting your account settings

This means now Google knows which of the sites have permissions to show your Ads on it. You can track the other sites too from where you are getting traffic by using Google Analytics and jot it down in the authorization box if necessary.

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  1. When in 2nd review period, may we change ads unit, in example modify ads size etc ?. Also I discover no any tools in changing ads size after we create it ?

    • There is no need to edit/make changes to your Ad units, just simply copy and paste the Ad codes from your AdSense account so that Google bots can crawl and index it. Thanks for dropping by Mr Fajar & Good luck!! 🙂

  2. Hi Shravan,

    I bit confused. plz help me … like now the autorization tools is bit changed. i have adsense in blogspot.. should i add.. abc.blogspot.com, abc.blogspot.in, abc.blogspot.ca..etc… and also should i add google.com, google.ca, google.co.uk… for now i have just added…my domains…abcd.com, abcd.net. …my blogspot is redirected from .in to .com…so should i stick to the same… abc.blogspot.com…or change it to normal. plz advice…i was confused with
    Note: Those who are not using custom domain on blogger (or using AdSense with .blogspot domain) have to add the county specific TLD’s with their domain for example:

    • Hello Bose,
      you don’t have to add all the Google regional domains with your blogspot domain. But at first make sure you have added abc.blogspot,com in the first line, for more info Just look upon your analytics dashboard and track down all the countries/regions from where you are receiving the traffic from and put them under the access and authorization box. (like for example if you have traffic coming from Australia and India on your blog which is showing up in your analytics statics then add abc.blogspot.at, abc.blogspot.in there). You don’t have to add Google.co.uk and every other regional domains, simply Google.com will do the job.

  3. SHRAVAN can i add yahoo.com, bing.com, and google.com, google.co.uk..plz help..am very confused with Access and authorization, i have added my websites..but want to know what all i can..i don’t have any blogspots..

    • Yes, you can Add any websites(legit) under the Access & authorisation from where you consider your traffic is coming from Mr. Chandu 🙂


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