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Whatsapp calling

Whatsapp rolled out a new feature that allows users to call their Whatsapp contacts free of cost. However this feature is in Beta stage and one must have an Invite to enable this feature. Invite window has been opening and closing limiting the number of users for using the Whatsapp calling feature.

While android users can sideload this feature before it gets official, the iOS is will not be able to get this feature until it gets official.

Android users must have the latest Whatsapp version 2.11.552 installed which is available on the official website only. This version not currently available on Play Store. Still after this the user have to enable the Whatsapp calling feature which is difficult part as they have to find someone who already have the calling feature enabled on his/her Whatsapp to call. Once they made the call, you can restart the Whatsapp app and see a new calling tab appear near the chat and contact tabs.
From this calling tab you can call your Whatsapp friends to enable their calling feature too.

Click here to download latest Whatsapp from official website.
SOURCES reports about a phishing scam to invite people to try the new calling feature by sending text to 10 friends thus spreading the malware/spam. Whatsapp will never use such kind of methods for inviting individuals for using Whatsapp calling feature.

Don’t ever get fooled.

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