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Tons of themes are available to download at the theme manager section out there on Miui, changing the whole atmosphere of the user interface after applying each one of them. All the themes has the abilities to change the existing Fonts, Statusbar skins, Recent apps tray’s layouts, Boot animations, wallpapers, Lock styles and Ringtones of the system after hitting the apply option, same as all the other custom Rom(s) like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android etc. Though many of the themes are free but some costs Mi credits to get it installed on the device, yet you can install and use the theme for a trial period and experience it. So today we are about to filter out those top free themes that stands out of the crowd. Starting from,

1: Look Like MIUI 6 (by fajerin)

look like miui v6
This theme is one of the best free theme on Miui. As the name of the theme goes, it resembles like the Miui version 6 which is out now. The icons, status bar and the fonts are similar to the v6 & has a boot animation too included with the theme as an add on. The thing which makes everybody fall in love with this theme is its lock screen! Yeah it looks and feels very stunning when you slide up to unlock the device, it smoothly fades up and makes the device look very much live after being applied. The lockscreen shows up the lyrics of the songs which is being played in the music player.
It definitely stands out of all the themes available for download. The status bar feels like that really the device is being hit by the miui v6 update.

2: Android L (by Viral316)

android l theme
This theme after getting applied, makes very much looks like the device is being decorated by a mini Miui Lollipop update. The notification bar changes its color to material, similar to the the android 5.0. The Icons, fonts, dialer skin, messaging app skin, and the boot animation also changes to resemble lollipop. The lockscreen looks though like the same default skin with slight dark bluish feel. If you are running Miui then don’t miss to give it a try.

3: MEUI6

meui themeAnother theme with Miui version 6 icons and user interface that adds up a very brilliant look. It comes too along with a boot animation of Mi logo and android written at the bottom and plus a shutdown animation too.What unique it has is that the whole application’s skins like the default settings, messaging, dialer, explorer, clock , compass, calculator etc matches up with the status bar to meet up complete materialistic feel like those compared in the lollipop and on the AOSPA. The power menu is also very much transparent adding up a good user experience.

4: WP Metro

wp metro theme
Love to have those windows tiles on?? then this theme is the better option for you. The theme comes along with a beautiful lock screen, where the lock screen as a whole itself adopts the album art of the playing song in an nice view, the colors of the icons turns up multicolored too in a square shapes. A whole two finger swipe down space on the desktop for getting all the tiles arranged somewhat like in the window’s phone. So its also a good experience if your are looking for something new on miui.

5: Iron man theme

iron man themeYou might be thinking that why this theme is listed in one of the top themes, its just because that the theme got a very good and unique lock screen. Yeah, the lock screen turns up very much live after being applied. Though the icons and dialer may not look impressive and a little bit distracting too but its lock screen does not. Swiping right(blue) unlocks the device and swiping towards the left(red) changes to appear an Iron man in his suit with a beautiful animation on the lock screen. You can double tap on the slider to open the music player again with an impressive animation. Try it, may you also like it too if you are one of the Iron man fan!!

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