Apple Increases iPhone Prices In India


Apple increases Iphone prices in India

It’s been just a while that Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus received the price cut, but via recent reports Apple confirmed that they decided to increase the MRP (maximum retail price) of all the iPhones in India. A very very sad news for the iPhone lovers who were planning to own one. The sudden increase is caused due to the recently announced budged which has increased all the prices of the imported mobiles and tablets in India. The recent price rise not only include iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models but also the whole Apple mobile devices.

According to the new price list:-
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB     –    Rs 65,000
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB     –    Rs 74,000
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB   –    Rs 83,000

Older iPhone

iPhone 5S 16GB        –      Rs 47,000
iPhone 5S 32GB        –      Rs 51,500

Which means the new models got a straight hike of Rs 2,500 on each of the devices. There is also a report that some third party retailers are selling their devices at much cheaper rate. Before the new prices hit at the market and the stock gets over grab one till its too late.
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As per the updates from TOI and Fonearena.

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