Reset Defaults Settings on Paranoid Android


I’ve used lots of ROM(s) on my device and love to switch onto one another to test added features and to see those new user interface,
but recently when switched to Paranoid Android(AOSPA), I loved it so much that it made me stop migrating to others for a while!!Yeah those guys who might be planning for switching to Paranoid, I must say switch Asap ,it has tons of features,customization options and a whole new
look.Paranoid is something that everybody should have a try.

So what I’ve observed is that at the first boot up to the Paranoid , lots of prompts are made like for example when you pull down the status bar it prompts to either you want a quick pull down or not, when you open up the “recent apps” section there is an option to switch it to ‘card stack’ view or not and many more other prompts, but those who are new to paranoid mostly selects that No options in the prompts thinking to look after those later.So today we are going to get back those default options to prompt again on
Paranoid.Though its very easy not a big deal but the first time when I’ve used it took me time to find that 😛 so here we are those simple things by steps,
Goto Settings>>Backup & reset>>Recent PreferencesSTEP 1:- Goto settings.

STEP 2:- Hit backup & Reset.

STEP 3:- Here we are, now just hit Recent Preferences under the personalization. Check all those boxes which you want to reset.

STEP 4:- Finally we are done.

That’s it stay to tuned to get everything related to android on tecHulk.


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