How to recover/know a WiFi password on android?


Have you lost or forgotten the password of your WiFi but luckily have your android phone that is connected to the network? You are at the right place then, you can get your password very very easily!! I was thinking to write on this topic from quite long anyways. Most of the time I use this method to get what all the crazy and horrible passwords my friends and neighbours use to protect their WiFis. So before killing you by my leftover stories lets move towards the steps quickly.

Please Note: By the following method you will be able to get those passwords of the networks only to which you were connected with your device before, not the passwords of networks you weren’t established any connections before with!
Wanna know what the happy news is?? this method works for both rooted and as well as non-rooted users, so lets start with the steps,

Step 1:- You can use any file explorer for this objective but in my case I am using root explorer.(download link included under the steps)
recover wifi passwordStep 2:- As shown in the provided image, Browse to:-
data>>misc>>wifi>> wpa_supplicant.conf (file)
Step 3:- Open that file in any of the text editor you have.

Step 4:- There you will find all the details of the networks you were connected as shown below,



here the ssid is the ‘network name’, which means that specific name of the network you were connected to, and the psk is the password of the network what you were searching for.
That’s all for today, catch you up with the next one.
May it will helped you with what you were searching for,
Good luck.

>>Click Here to download Root explorer<<

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