One Plus One to rollout their new Operating System!


Flagship killer One plus one is planning to release their new operating system named as OxygenOS.
Users are going to breathe in fresh Oxygen android air with the new over the air update in near future.

The company has revealed that they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the ROM, to make technology more accessible for everyone.With their new ROM they are going to introduce
customization,open and bloatware free environment with it.Keeping in mind to meet the fantastic build design of device they are going to design the ROM same as like that.
Admin of Oneplus forums Mr. Bandon H said that they made this ROM by keeping in mind all the suggestions given by the users.

“As an element, Oxygen is the epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful.
Oxygen is all around us. It’s part of us and everything we do. It creates the water that carves out valleys and moves mountains. By itself, it’s simple and pure—a fundamental building block. But, as a part of something greater, it can do amazing things. Just like us”
he added.
There will be more updates on coming February 12th related to the new ROM OxygenOs.

Thinking that users and the company are not settle with the CyanogenMod till 😛
Yeah Never Settle!!!

stay tuned to tecHulk.


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