Miui version 6 (complete review)


A Day With MiUi V6

We know it already that top giant Chinese brand Xiaomi is not only capable of making good phones but also good at making their own amazing custom operating system which is known as the MiUi, that runs on top of android platform. Many user friendly customization options, cloud storage and a sleek user interface are the toppings available under the hood. Now the new Miui version 6 is going to land as over the air update on Redmi 1s, Redmi note and all the other Xiaomi devices. Lets take a look what’s all new inside the update of MiUi v6.

Music player

miui v6 music player

The music player got new introduced transition animations, similar to the android lollipop sliding down feel when hit back.

It has new sound enhancement feature boosting up not only in the headphones but also the loudspeaker. The music play screen’s colors keeps on changing according to match the album art and also the downloaded lyrics of each music file blends perfectly to match the play speed of the song.

New Improved Caller Screen

miui v6 caller screen
The caller screen also got introduced animations which is very very much noticeable, the pick up and the end call buttons keeps dancing with the caller ringtone giving a very nice feel to the user while picking up the phone. Swiping up action is used to pick, end or text the caller. The software also included better in call volume feature for the in-ear speaker. Yes the in-call audio is much more clearer than before while making calls.

Notifications space

notification on miui v6
Its the area where they really cared about, each one of the icons present in the launcher (including the installed apps) are capable of showing notification count ticker on the head of it. Status bar feels more authentic Vs the previous versions with toggle buttons on the second screen & a music play toggle which resumes the last played song added more convenience for the user. Head over caller notification is also included which helps the user picking up the phone or reject it without pausing the running app like while playing games etc.

All new one hand usage option!

one handed usage miui v6

Have huge screen? Can’t reach the status bar with one hand for quick pull down to see notifications or  can’t respond to your Facebook and Whatsapp contacts using a single hand? Miui v6 has perfect a solution for this problem, they introduced a new feature that shrink the whole UI in a particular fit that helps the user to use their phone with one hand. Just swipe left on the capacitive buttons to shrink the whole UI for the usage with left hand or just swipe towards the right to work with your right hand. This feature made a lots of things easier that was haunting us from years.  Does that sound cool? Yup it is!!

Theme manager

theme manager miui v6
The theme manager section feels the same as always with little bit changes made in the user interface plus tons of new themes to download with, user can install lots of themes available and can choose or customize the boot animations, fonts, lock styles, ringtones, icons etc according to his/her own wish(Same as like the miui v5). Those who have v5 themes already on their SD card or internal storage they can import it from there and apply with the v6 as “most of” the themes are compatible with the version 6.

The Recent Apps Tray

recent apps miui v6

What everybody pretty disliked a little before about was the recent apps drawer section on Miui v5. But no more app tray now!!! user can pinch out the old default ‘app drawer tray view’ to get the whole new ‘big tiles view’ of the each app, creating a very nice look to switch and browse through the recent apps. Same as before user can slide down the app to lock it and slide up to remove from the recent lists. Still need the old view back?? just pinch in it will get aligned as the default view.

tools miui v6Other tool apps like Compass, Radio, Calculator, Security and the Clock got new improved looks and added animations.
Compass*: It got more sleek looks than before, keeping the device vertical opens up the camera while it shows each direction wherever the device is rotated inside the camera.

What are the other things which turned up not that perfect?

Many of us did exclaimed after taking the first look towards the Rom was that it resembles like the Apple IOS, yeah it is quite true as lots of areas like pinched out recent app drawer matches a little with the IOS. Still Miui got more added up and user friendly features than the IOS though. Other thing what I found was while applying themes via theme manager everything did changed but the status bar didn’t! yet not a big issue, it will be fixed in the next coming update. You can’t say anything negative while using the Miui Os because its really worth in each of the every aspects because the user experience is never compromised.
That’s all for today guys.
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